Uncertainty about Berserk's future

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If however Muira explicitly said he didn’t want a continuation in the event of his death than no. Shut it down completelyI
His name is spelled Miura, and one thing to consider before diving too deeply into the possibility trees is that he died suddenly and without warning. There's no guarantee he had time to leave any direction on what to do with Berserk. In fact, I'd say it's the most likely scenario. And if there was no explicit message to continue the series, it does not translate to consent for someone else to pick it up.
Every time I see this thread title pop up I just want to reiterate that I'm very certain about Berserk's future given the author's death. I mean, whatever else becomes of the IP, Miura's tale hath ended.
The funny thing is, I'd be ok with ending on 364. Sure it didn't give a complete ending, but by that point a lot of story goals had been completed. Casca was healed, Griffith took control of a powerful empire, etc. Everything as it is in 364 is good to leave off, but I definitely won't say no to new episodes (if there are ever any).
Sorry...tried to delete my post and move it to a more relevant thread but always forget if there is/ how to delete a post outright. In attempt to make this post relevant to the thread, I agree with anyone who says Kentaro Miura's Berserk is forever over. I'd look at the announcement of a continuation of any kind and by any artist/author with extreme skepticism and would be riddled with caveats in my mind to the point where I'd be looking at is as a completely different thing than the original story.
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After a long year of grieving, plenty of meditation, I've come to healthily accept Berserk's true end. As soon as the news hit me i was in complete disbelief, hoping it was a distasteful, late April Fool's joke, as the Master had allegedly died a couple times in the past. It was difficult, because as stated previously by a number of users, Berserk could never be replicated, it would only be forcefully continued in a distasteful way. Miura didn't leave anything for us. At least not the same way Eiichiro Oda would have already written the ending (I'm not certain he did, but he definitely planned it out so there's a chance it's guarded in a vault somewhere)

I sincerely wouldn't want anyone to continue Berserk, and any opinion I had about the possible continuation of the series has only been reinforced by reading this year-long thread. I am sincerely impressed by the members in this forum, the vast majority are truly as passionate about the series as I am, and are also equally as realistic (and respectful) about Kentarou Miura's work.
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