Unreal Engine Project (Berserk)

Base Model, Berserker Armor:

With Cloak:

Backview Base, Cloak, Cloak/Dragonslayer:

Base Model used : https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/berserk-armor-1df49f839f674e3fb7a3d3481caf0855
DragonSlayer Model: https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/dragon-slayer-bloodstained-f3a5c5bc520c470b894eca4cd0c62d75

The Cloak is recycled from a previous (Batman) project of mine, just tore the edges a bit and retextured the thing.

uhm?... according to the nature of the thing. It should go without saying that it's going to be very, very, VERY violent...
Is it allowed to post graphic screenshots/videos of the development process here?
like?... "berserk" graphic? xD


...been playing around with "nanite" meshes and materials... not sure if i'll actually end up using it. but looks cool tho xD

Very cool looking Guts. Excited to see things in motion and how you handle apostles.
Thanks, although i havent actually modeled the thing. i just modified it to work with me. ;)
yea, i got some "one hit" "cannonfudder" enemies to play around with and to test stuff on for now.
But fighting Apostles was the inital idea.
not really a fan game, at best its going to be a "for fun" demo with a few fights in a few environments.
I just like doing Unreal Engine stuff. I'm obviously not going to be able to make a fully fleshed open world rpg or anything like that.
ill just do what i can, and see where it goes.
so, stay tuned.
who would you want to fight as Guts wearing the Berserker Armor?
(Griffith is in the works, i think its the most obvious one...)


Photoshopped this cool pic out of 2 of about 50 random blurry screens i took during a test fight, i love how it turned out lol.
(if only the shadows would face the same direction -_- xD)
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a little insight into the process of porting the models...
since i'm no modeler, i heavily rely on premade models that i take from wherever i can get them, but mostly porting them from some of the actual Berserk games. Wich has proven to be tedious, but rewarding.
But due to some of these games being a little "dated", the model quality is far from a modern standard. So what i do is i take the old barely usable models and "re-master" them by fixing the geometries, normals, polycount, textures etc.
bandicam 2023-01-24 08-41-08-273.jpg
...this is how i get a model.
bandicam 2023-01-24 08-40-58-303.jpg
this is how it looks when im done.
Im barely concerned about using copyrighted models from commercial games, since im not planning to make any kind of profit out of it.
(apart from having some fun of course).
Still no suggestions? ...
the scope, is to make a berserk themed 1vs1 "hack n slay/beat'em up/brawler" for my (and maybe your) amusement.
(maybe a wave based horde-mode for the grunt enemies i made as a bonus lol)
while testing ive managed to get 31 on screen enemies while maintaining stable 60fps... should work for a horde mode. ;)
hm... too much gore?
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The Index Finger

The Spatula of the Chef Hand
It's a healthy amount of gore. Maybe add some weathering or damage on the armor (which will begin to fade away as the armor can repair itself) and blood stains on the armor as you rack up a higher kill count.
Got carried away getting the dragon to work... but things turned out okay.
Did the Skull Knight in the meantime:
-textures are not fully improved by now, gonna do that later...
-the sheath of the sword keeps clipping through the cape, same with Griffith, tried multiple methods, nothing works sofar :shrug:
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Player movement and combat locomotion protoype... (not final, all wip):
-3 stances with each 2 light and 1 heavy attacks
-2 special attacks for each stance
-all interchainable
-Armor inactive: slower movement, no special attacks, one stance
-Armor active: faster movement, higher jumps, special attacks and all stances
(propably forgot something)
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It pretty good. But i think if you remove that clang sound from 2016 replacing it with something else would be better. The PS4 videogame had a better dragonslayer sound efffect.

Also Demon's Souls Ultra Greatsword has a good sound effect. I can help ya to get the sounds if you need

Also Guts in Berserker armor should have his white hair patch. I know you used the PS2 head model tho
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