Vagabond 254 Translation


I'm still better than you
So here it is folks. I volunteered my wife and here it is! It may read a bit wierd but im sure you guys can figure it out!

1. Don’t head off and tell him. Why not? …because when I tell him he will run.
Maybe he doesnt want an ordinary life. why do you think that? Because I feel the same way too.

2. It’s better to keep this relationship like this. Even if we are not together… I feel the same way too.

3. Edo?
Why edo? Swordsmanship

4. he is kryus son.why don’t you go to him and learn about world for welcome from every country.

5. kiryu…..which one is stronger?

6. is this ok? Grow up? Enough? Yes grow up.

7. you have to put sword back in its sheath.if keep show everybody become your enemy who you see them.

8. if there is no sheath,hurt myself someday……
kryu said sword is for hurt people and kill.why do you stak your life on sword?
Just a my simple question.

9. you told me that though you make your living by people s death.ahaha just kidding.

10. we traning desperate how keep stay sword in the sheath.

11. musashi you are there. Im reach a state…..
if you want more grow up you serve your lord as a samurai,have a wife as a man and make place to go can do it even if cant move your leg.

12. kojiro!! you nothing to interest ecsept swordmanship and touch woman.Yes.

13. sword and womans….. kojiro can not hear his ears so they are only way to communication with other people.
He is like animal.He show everything openly even if we want to hide.

14.why are you so is really rare.
For some reason I feel uneasy.surely needed sheath till now kouetsu, Mr iwama is visiting you.
Why?I refused many time by letters.

16.I am iwama kakubei.I run myself all the way to Kyo.But still you can not sharpen
my sword.this is famous sword Kikuichimonji. I don’t think this is not deficiency for you.
No it mean this sword is deficiency.Just I am old….
Don’t tell me I know what you want to say.In short I am a poor swordsman!
No….I just am thinking retirement.

17.Dont worry I ganna give away this sword to man.His strong arms are incomparable.The swordman is my favor.If you want to see I will take him.


With the streak of a tear, Like morning dew
Finally, The Vagabond Inn's first translated episode. :judo:

Awesome, much thanks to Saiya and his lovely bride! Hopefully this will inspire/shame some more of you into action. =)
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