What Berserk means to me

Dear fellow Strugglers,

the following may not be much of a meaningful post and it may be deleted very soon, but I shall write this anyway,:

To me Berserk is a phenomenon, not only because it is a very well composed story, not only because of the immense and graphic violence and not only because of the tremendously well executed drawing and art, or becuase of the vivid character development or the dark atmosphere of the whole Saga - not even because it's the only Manga i have ever read in its intirety.

To me Berserk is a phenomenon, because it's one of the few stories that accompanied me for a large portion of my life. It's way up there with Lord of the Rings and Pippi Langstrumpf; it's a story of epic proportions as fascinating as the Biogrophy of Juluis Cesar or Augustus.

The huge difference is, that it's the only Story that actively traumatized me - as I'm sure it did many of you too - many times, over and over. That's why I can't get rid of it. The Chapters around the Eclipse are so dense and heavy, my thoughts are stuck around it. But since i stopped a few years ago somewhere in the middle of the Millenium Falcon Arc, Berserk kind of slipped my attention - but the Trauma remained. And when Kentaro Miura died, everything came rushing back and i needed to start reading again. Since then i reread a great portion of the Manga and cought up to the most recent Chapters and combed through internet Forums for a Quantum of Solace.

Although it is unclear wether we're ever getting an Ending to this tremendous epic, I believe the current state of the Story is an at least partly redempting one. To me the latest developments meant at least some kind of reassurence - and yes it is very funny how all of this somehow might be translated into my own personal life with all the philosophical and life altering implications.

As i wrote in the beginning, this might not be a meaningful post. I guess, what I'm trying to say is:
Thank you Mr. Miura. Your Legacy shall be remembered.
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