What do you think of this guy's video review criticizing Berserk?

Valid or Invalid Review (In Terms of Valid Criticism)

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Personally, this video seems overcritical to small aspects of the golden age arc during a part of it. I might be just over defending Berserk but I'm interested if this video is accurate with it's flaws.

I don’t think everyone needs to form an opinion on someone else’s opinion. I know that makes me sound old, though.

This is a great part of the series. One of the best parts of the Golden Age, really. Too bad it sounds like he didn’t like it.
Agreed. Though his main point for issue was how Casca was treated ("sexism in berserk") and Wyladd("generic") and it kinda feels eh..his issues but I have a low IQ so take everything I say with a grain of extreme salt and some tea to BlEaCh my opinions from your browsing hsitory.
I'm familiar with this YouTuber, and to be honest I don't take him too seriously. After watching his horrendously bad take regarding Death Note, he lost a lot of credibility in my eyes. So I didn't bother checking out his Berserk takes too :schierke:

He's used to a specific type of storytelling, that of Western fantasy novels, which mostly don't come close to something like Berserk in daring and mastery. That's even reflected in his novella, which I read a while back. I'm not surprised he has "issues" with Berserk if all he reads otherwise are sanitized generic works.
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