Who is the sexiest girl?

Who is the sexiest Gal in the Berserk world?

  • Casca

    Votes: 170 50.3%
  • Farnese

    Votes: 42 12.4%
  • Schierke

    Votes: 15 4.4%
  • Luca

    Votes: 13 3.8%
  • Charlotte

    Votes: 8 2.4%
  • Sonia

    Votes: 5 1.5%
  • Flora

    Votes: 10 3.0%
  • Slan

    Votes: 75 22.2%

  • Total voters
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It's a revelation! Perhaps that's the only reason Void is interested in Schnozette? He has a nose fetish and with good reason.
Walter said:
I think in the original photo, Jesus was looking in. I'm right, aren't I?  :badbone:
Sorry it took me so long to respond - I didn't notice this buried under all of those arguments :guts:
Actually, it's just a boring old interior shot of a castle that you can find on google image search. That's where I nick most of my editing material, seeing as my personal library is mostly studio portraits.


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What? Majority has Casca over Slan? I cry.

The day an scantily-clad evil demoness loses to a crazy girl in a smock... I shake my head in shame.

I appreciate what you're saying... but I'm not sure I agree (surprise, surprise). With all due respect - for I'm sure your knowledge of Berserk far exceeds my own - I think that your view on this matter is far more... "fantastical" than mine. You speak as though Farnese's past was just a phase that she went through - when in fact it is a huge part of who she is, of who she will always be. Farnese is a pyromaniac and a sadomasochist; she has been since early childhood, i.e. most of her life. Comparatively, her relative mental stability has been short-lived. I'd say that the earlier Farnese is the "real" one. The scars of her life are deeply etched onto her soul.

Farnese has made a lot of progress, but she isn't in the clear just yet. Relapses are common to both addiction and mental illness. Completely full and smooth recoveries, without any hiccups, are rare. People can be clean and/or stable for many months, even years - but then a tragedy befalls them, such as a death in the family, or some kind of heartbreak, or misfortune, and they relapse. Take Courtney Love, for a horrible example: will she ever stay clean, or has she simply been on drugs for too long (since childhood) to make a full recovery? ...Depressing, I know.

The series has a long way to go yet. Farnese will have to change to remain interesting - which can mean going backwards as well as forwards. Maybe Miura intends for her to be a static character, from here on out - "fully changed", as you said; in my opinion, that would be both boring and unrealistic. We'll see....

I don't expect Serpico and Farnese to "get together", in the sense of becoming a couple. But I think that if, or rather when, she is ever weak again, she will turn to him - and he may not have the strength to resist her a second time. Theirs is a classic co-dependent relationship. Even if it never becomes explicitly sexual, there is still enough there for Farnese's mother to pick up on. "Stinks of taboo", and all.

You're right, Slan is totally hot. Lets move on.

Eheheh. You win. :D
Slan Emoticon!
I am REALLY torn on this one, I really love Slann, OTOH, Caska's ass.... :judo: ... and overall body, I am not even all that in love with the character, but there is something really sexy about her.

At the same time, I'd vote for Sonia, who is crazy and cool, but she's still so kid-like...

Eh, decisions, decisions... :???:


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I've read people supporting pedophilia, vampire-love, Zodd-lust :isidro: (It deserves to be in its own category), and worst of all NECROPHILIA (Flora is dead)! Az said that these choices are between current versions. I guess we all learn a little bit about our Mods everday. :troll:

This has a lot of variables in it.

Slan is the sexiest hands down, and she's the slut so she'll do the dirty shit! :guts:

Casca is a dark hotty, and her body was the nicest, but now it would be like doing it to a pillow that tries to kill you....thats a bad analogy I guess. What would be bad in bed, and would maim you....a TAZMANIAN DEVIL! Yea I hope none of us would actually bang one of those. Otherwise... :isidro:

Farnese is attractive, but way to damn unpredicatable. Most of all she doesn't look sexy in her general appearance. Albeit those crazy moments when someone lights a match or theirs a crucifixion shes pretty boring.

Oh and Sonia's forhead scares away little children, and is responsible for all the unbaptised babies going to hell. The fact that Guts survives is due to the fact that Sonia was not born yet. Thats Miura giving us readers some detailed information on how Guts could possibly survive in the world he grew up in. :troll:



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Okin said:
Az said that these choices are between current versions.

I just said people should consider the characters globally and in their entirety as opposed to just one part or to a specific situation at one point in time while excluding the rest.

Okin said:
Slan is the sexiest hands down, and she's the slut so she'll do the dirty shit!

If torturing and killing people is what you call "the dirty shit" then I guess you're right. :SK:


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Much kudos to the comment said by Gyom about Casca, she does attract a whole world of hotness. And am I the only one who thinks that Casca looks so much like an animated Halle Berry? There is probably a thread somewhere about her looking like Halle Berry, but in anycase, it's true. However, I voted for Farnese. Just to vote differently.


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Asuka's Lover said:
And am I the only one who thinks that Casca looks so much like an animated Halle Berry?

Many people have said so in the past, however she doesn't actually look much like Halle Berry. They just both have a dark skin and had short hair at some point. That's about as far as the resemblance goes.
Heh, can I change my vote to Farnese? After seeing Schierke oil up her naked body, damn, I didn't realize how perky her breasts still were. Farnese's breasts, that is, Shierke can't have more than mosquito bites up there.
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