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Re: Vagabond: Volume 30
« Reply #25 on: November 19, 2009, 04:34:00 PM »
I see. Can't wait to buy this! I'm glad the translation makes it all so clear now.

So, I picked up volume 13 and looked at episode 125. At the end of this episode, Musashi's walking, reflecting about what he's been doing, thinking about Otsu... and then crows show up, he gets a weird, eerie feeling, looks behind his back and even has to sit down after feeling this. Maybe Inoue hinted at Baiken's death back then and we didn't even notice. Of course, it's possible that he felt this way because of the fight, the new stuff he started to think after hearing Baiken's words and seeing him begging to be saved, but now it seems more like it's because of Baiken's death, especially because of the crows.

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Re: Vagabond: Volume 30
« Reply #26 on: November 19, 2009, 06:20:46 PM »
I don't think the above post is much of a spoiler. I've always wondered about that strange picture in vol 13 where the art style seems to suddenly shift.  I've always interpreted it to be Musashi stumbling a bit along his path because Baiken clearly unsettled him with the spiral discussion.

I ordered my copy of 30 today. I didn't even know it was out!

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Re: Vagabond: Volume 30
« Reply #27 on: November 19, 2009, 10:37:51 PM »
I personally think Baiken's death it's something Inoue did retroactively, I don't think he was planning this reveal way back then, it just fits in with where we are now. As for the melting art, I always took it very literally as how Musashi felt at that moment mentally and physically, his world was spinning, the blood was rushing to his head, and he felt woozy and just had to sit down and breath.

There's a similar, but not quite as extreme moment in 25 right after the Yoshioka challenge him for the last time. In that one, the art isn't so warped, but literally turned upside down.

I ordered my copy of 30 today. I didn't even know it was out!

Awesome, I think you'll really like it, it's probably my favorite of the last three.

Water: i got vol 30 btw
Griffith: Read it yet?
Water: havent read through the whole thing yet,but i peeked through the portion about Sloggo and Baiken
seems so strange that he'd reveal it now.
really depressing
brings a whole new level to Sloggo's consiousness too.
is he truly separate
Griffith: Sloggo: "Ya finished playin with yerself, Mushi?"
It's hard to say.
I wish we had volume 32 translated. =)
Water: may be a while at Viz' rate.
 (recent) rate
Griffith: Yeah, they had to hurry up to wait.
But I think they're one.
Water: makes me wonder how DH will be
Griffith: Well shit, they'll have plenty of time to prepare. =)
Water: sure will
Griffith: If these guys even see the episodes.
Water: i doubt it
Griffith: Or if nothing is even considered until the JP volume.
Just doesn't exist to them beforehand.
"Not our property, not the finished product."
Water: really its the ideal way to read it, I think.
walking in knowing absolutely nothing
can you imagine seeing SK's sword slicing through the air in ep 303
not knowing anything
gives me chills thinking of it
Griffith: It was pretty amazing the way we saw it though too.
And certainly gave birth to a lot of excitement/discussion.
If the anticipation is the best part, then that's also a good counter example.
Water: yeah two sides to the coin
Griffith: You might not even think of it as so chilling if Skully simply failed on the next page.
"Was excited there... for a second."
I'm glad Miura didn't take an extended break that week though. =)
Water: yeah.
what a boner that would have been
Griffith: Call your doctor if it lasts 4 weeks or more.
Anyway, looking forward to you reading 30.
The thing with following Vagabond ep to ep and seeing the volume, by the time I read the Viz translation, THEN I feel like I didn't know anything going in. =)
Water: probably will tonight
Griffith: I think Vagabond is a little much for fan translations.
Water: it made me run out of space on my shelf. ill have to reconfigure everything!
Griffith: Even Viz I feel only gets half the meaning down, it's just hard to get a bunch of ideas that are like clouds or some bullshit into another language in a tiny bubble.
I'm still 1 away from that. =)
Next Berserk will fit.
Next after that... I'm bust.
Oh shit!
Nope, I thought I had the postcard book on there.
Water: well, i just hope Miura does another 35 more, so my rows are balanced.
Griffith: Already moved it for 30
Yeah, next Berserk ruins me.
Unrivaled under heaven is back to Invincible Under the Sun
Water: hahaha
Griffith: I'm wondering if that isn't like Hawk/Falcon
Heat haze has been replaced with mirage, which makes sense.
Water: they may have forgotten that it was an established phrase, not just a one-time usage
mirage is much better.
heat haze is too literal
Griffith: Yeah.
"Invincible is to be overcome by vapors!"
Water: To become undefeated is like a beautiful savannah in the wilderness.
Sasaki Kojiro's masterful stroke -- the Swallowing Strike!
Griffith: One of my favorite lousy Viz translations was Seijuro, "How many times are you going to make my draw my fatal stroke?"
C'mon guys, killing stroke, please?
Fatal stroke.
Sounds like grandpa's cause of death.
Water: hahahaha
Griffith: The exhibition book is even better than Viz.
They hit all those little notes perfectly.
Water: Musashi's killing stroke was the snotball slice

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Re: Vagabond: Volume 30
« Reply #28 on: August 03, 2010, 04:25:06 AM »

I got this yesterday and vol. 31. This Viz translations compared to the ones I have from downloads are sure very precise and I say very well put together. There were some changes in the images at 269. Those are the ones I noticed though, but overall the volume is nice.