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Demon's Souls. Done.

I admittedly beat Old King Allant during an hour lunch break by using Poison Cloud + Thief's Ring. :farnese: "Turn around already!"

I opted to not kill Old King Doran, but did take the Demonbrandt. Also, I went for the Good Ending.  :guts:

The difficulty curve was strange. It began so insanely hard, but toward the end, there were literally like 4-5 boss demons I offed on the first try using magic and good ol' caution. The Storm King encounter, an awesome fight once you find a certain item, was a relative walk in the park. Leechmonger, aka: RE5 monster, was just as easy.

Well, that's done. I'll still be replaying it in the future, but with Dark Souls just staring at me for over a week now, I have to play it.

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