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translation help possible?
« on: May 02, 2002, 06:43:53 PM »
 Hi there!  I got a question for you all.  Is anyone here available to help translate a manga?  
 There's this manga that I absolutely adore, called 'Odorobo JING' in the first set, and just 'KING OF BANDIT JING' in its second set.  I really love the series, and have read the first set in CHinese.  Unfortunately, the second set is not available in Chinese, so I plan to purchase the Japanese versions anyways.  
 If Someone would translate the manga for me into English, I would reward that person by BUYING TWO COPIES OF THE MANGAS, AND SENDING ONE TO THE TRANSLATOR!!  If anyone is interested, here's  a link so you can sorta see what it looks like:  

It's a very well done series, with interesting art and background story.  Please consider helping me ^^
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