Author Topic: SOLD: ZODD&WYALD Exclusive Version 2 L.E.50 (no 100 Slayer Guts)  (Read 1694 times)

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Doing some spring cleaning and hopefully trim down the collection a bit...

Bought this massive beast of a statue from an east coast private collector few years back, for about $1000?   It was so big and heavy neither of us ended up displaying it so it's still brand new.

I did remove and display accompanied 100 man slayer guts statue, which I intend to keep, so let's say $550 for the main statue only?  This thing is stored in the original wooden box and is insanely heavy and large so I would much prefer to find a local (southern california) buyer who can pick it up.  If you must get it shipped, just be prepared of the astronomical cost shipping will be (buyer to pay actual cost)...

Let me know if interested.

Also checking interest on a brand new 20th Anniversary Guts Ex. 2 (w/o blood version) -
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zodd&wyald is now ON HOLD.

20th Anniversary Guts Ex. 2 (no blood version) still available -

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This amazing statue is now SOLD.

hate to see it go, but glad to see it going to a great home...  :judo:

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Good luck! That price is a steal.
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