What SIDE CHARACTERS would you like to be sculpted/released?

Snake Baron
0 (0%)
Slug Count
3 (12%)
Wyald (Apostle Form)
1 (4%)
Rochine [Scene/Stance?]
4 (16%)
Rochine (Apostle Form)
6 (24%)
Egg Apostle
2 (8%)
Mozgus (Pseudo-Apostle Form)
6 (24%)
Zodd (Human Form)
2 (8%)
Skull Knight [Scene/Stance?]
1 (4%)

Total Members Voted: 10

Author Topic: Statue Nerds Gather!!! (SIDE CHARACTERS)  (Read 838 times)

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Statue Nerds Gather!!! (SIDE CHARACTERS)
« on: January 27, 2013, 11:50:52 PM »
I only started toying with this idea last night and Im sure its no secret that most of my inspiration is drawn from this thread so thanks hubalo! (and everyone else that posted) I guess this is basically what you may´ve had in mind, I just thought I´d take it to the next level, so to speak.

Which statue would you like to be produced? I wanna see if the concept could be as simple in practice as you may think, granted everyone would take it seriously. If theres enough requests for one and the same idea, we may even be able to commission a private sculptor/painter. My initial thought was ultimately for all of us to individually contact AOW with this statue poll winner.

I´d like as much involvement/opinions from everybody else as possible, so please don’t hesitate to post your suggestions and thoughts, or even if some of my own ideas seem far-fetched or outright stupid, don’t be shy.

What Im thinking here is, I (or someone else who´d feel so inclined) will eventually take a number of nominees and narrow the list with new poll, possibly with more detailed ideas. I will keep the poll very loose and no time limit in the beginning and eventually get stricter as we collectively (hopefully in a democratic and peaceful fashion) establish more detailed “rules”. I guess we´ll just start with 3 options for each poll and we´ll see how that turns out. Since Im sure there will be more alternatives, you´ll be able to change your votes til we actually decide on a definite design for the poll.

For instance, heres a couple of questions I´d like your opinions on:

* Are the threads/alternatives properly categorized? Should I change/delete/clarify any of them? Are anything inappropriate? Too detailed? Not detailed enough? Badly phrased? etc...

* Try and comment and elaborate your thoughts on everyones´ ideas as much as possible.

* Do you know (of) any “professional” we might be able to get in contact with? (might be something to consider at a later point in time, but thought I´d mention it anyway)

I will do my best to satisfy the collective opinion. I´ve also integrated questions within the poll alternatives within these marks ---> [] I may have missed some for convenience sake but that doesnt mean they´re exceptions.

Oh and I ended up keeping alternatives of statues that more or less already has been released, so if enough people want me to remove some alternative(s) in that regard its ok too, so that we can avoid unnecessary re-releases.

What GUTS STATUE would you like to be sculpted/released?

What DIORAMA would you like to be sculpted/released?

What MULTIPLE CHARACTER SET would you like to be sculpted/released?
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Re: Statue Nerds Gather!!! (SIDE CHARACTERS)
« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2013, 03:11:11 PM »
we need 1/10 GOD HANDS WHOLE FAMILY!!! Eepecially SLAN, SLAN, SLANNNN!!>@0@>!!!! :slan:


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Re: Statue Nerds Gather!!! (SIDE CHARACTERS)
« Reply #2 on: January 28, 2013, 03:42:25 PM »
mozgus, wyald and zodd human form but not this shit: