Author Topic: [WTB] o(≥o≤)o~~~~~~~~SOME AOW STATUES ~~~~~~o(≥o≤)o  (Read 769 times)

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[WTB] o(≥o≤)o~~~~~~~~SOME AOW STATUES ~~~~~~o(≥o≤)o
« on: February 17, 2013, 12:38:03 PM »
hi buds ,

thx for your time  

here is my list   ~~    a little much for a WTB list   ::>_<::

I change the collction from 12 inch action figures to statues  and not in a hurry to collect them all in a short time
If anyone wanna sell your statues or some guy is clearing out your collection
free to keep in touch ~~~~
Shipping is not a problem  
I am located in EU and my best friend is USA (//(ㄒoㄒ)//  I am his Nr.1 trouble)
thx for your help
If u also love figures collection , maybe we could have a trade  .\^o^/
Thx again  
Berserk 20th Anniversary Model- The Last Repainting Version
Berserk 20th Anniversary Model- Black Version *New Berserk Anime Project/ Special Offer
Berserk 20th Anniversary Model Euro Version
8th Repainting Project- BERSERK 20th Anniversary Statue *

Guts: Black swordsman Lost Children(1/6 scale)statue type
Armored Berserk & Fire Dragon

Skull Knight- "Weathered Bone" Color Scheme *
Skull Knight 2011 Ver.- Exclusive Version 1
Skull Knight 2011 Ver. *New Berserk Anime Project/ Special Offer *
3rd Repainting Project - Skull Knight Horse Riding Figure 2

Houma -Apostles of New Hawks-Exclusive set of 4

ZODD&WYALD Exclusive Version 2 w/Guts:The Hundred Man Killer Set

Femto: The Birth/1:10 scale