Author Topic: I Need an artistic internship for the Spring. Does anyone here know of any?  (Read 1057 times)

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I've been away from for a while concentrating on classes (though I have been keeping up with my Berserk reading and watching). I've got 3 semesters left, but I need to find a paid internship in animation/VFX (preferred as this is my emphasis), game design, graphic design, or some other visualization type field for my Spring semester. The requirements set down by my University are, it must be paid (so I'm not just being used as a gofer) and it must allow me to do work to add to my portfolio or reel. I live in Texas so I only find out about internship possibilities in places like CA, NY, and FL through the web, so if anyone nationwide knows of anything that would fit this description would you please let me know, I'd be ever so thankful, and it might get me one step closer to my dream of making an HBO quality Berserk series.

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Hey Emp_Gaiseric, I'm wishing you luck with your search. It sounds like a tough order to fill, particularly since nowadays a paid animation internship can be hard to come by. That said, does your university have a job listing section of their site? Craigslist can be a potential resource if you check their local job listings in art/media/design. Job fairs are also handy if you can find one relevant to your industry.

I don't live in Texas, but hopefully those ideas will help! :guts:

Offline Emp_Gaiseric

Thanks Grail. BTW I'm not opposed to moving 1/2 was across the country for an internship, in fact I'd welcome the exposure to other areas of the country.

My degree program has an "internship coordinator" but she really helps more with making sure our portfolios and resumes are good quality. As far as job fairs go, my biggest hindrance is that Texas is not a Mecca for animation so we don't really have those types of jobs come to job fairs around here. The undergrad program is relatively new, but we have a well established graduate program and have a huge Alumni Association (my University has place people at Pixar, DreamWorks, Sony, ILM) and we do get guests from major studios come in throughout the school year to look at works in progress(*bragging a little* I got some great comments regarding a 7ft tall original character sculpture I was making last Fall from some visiting guests), give talks, and do demonstrations. In fact our department head did character design in Phantom Menace when he worked at ILM, so we have a good reputation in the industry. My biggest problem is being physically removed from the industry hotspots, so I don't hear about opportunities that I'm not specifically looking for, for instance they shot scenes for the next Transformers movie about an hour away from here, and no one bothered to jack about it till they had packed up.

I will start looking for postings on Craigslist, I already keep a close eye on the Pixar, DreamWorks, NBC/Illumination, and ILM sites, but I know there are a LOT of other studios out there.