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Femto 2015 Black Ver (no.405) & Purple Ver (no.406/407)
« on: November 11, 2015, 05:32:41 PM »
Just sharing...

Pre-order Itemk
Limited Manufacture to 50 pcs
Femto 2015 Limited Edition I* Black Version (set of Ubik and Conrad) - No.405
Femto 2015 Limited Edition II* Purple Version (set of Ubik and Conrad) - No.406
Femto 2015 Limited Edition III* Purple Version (No attachment) - No.407

Advance Pre-order Reservation will end on November 13th, 11:00 JPT.
Normal pre-order will open on November 13th, 12:00 JPT
Estimated Delivery Date: around end of January- middle of February, 2016

Product Description: Black Version, Purple Version

ART OF WAR “Release of the masterpiece of 2001: the wings of darkness femto”.

The release of Berserk series masterpiece had been more than 10 years. This time, we present the series of this masterpiece with better quality.
This statue is from the scene of Berserk volume 13, “The wings of darkness of Femto”, where the modeling is done in 1/10 scale.
He obtains the strong power and he looks at his own hands peacefully. There is charm in his expression and the modeling of the item is done showing the flow of his wings.
In this black version, there is addition of dark brown color in the black gradation in the wings part. Also, the femto’s expression is totally done in a black color. The finishing is done in a sharper dark color which brings the sharp impression of Femto.
As a limited edition, there is attachment of 2 products, “Ubik” and “Conrad”. The collection of “world of eclipse” can be done together with the previous production of the items, “Guts & Casca (produced in 2012)”, “Eclipse- Void & Griffith (produced in 2013), etc.
The release of this masterpiece item will make a complete set of “God Hand

*Image only.
Product Information
Unit Price   45,000 JPY (without attachments) / 55,000 JPY (with conrad & ubik)
Conversion   (approx. $446; €416)
Version & Edition   Limited Edition I (Black Version Set), Limited Edition II (Purple Version Set)
Attachments   Two mini figure (conrad & ubik) & serial number nameplate.
Maximum Manufacture   Limited Manufacture to 50 pcs.
Serial Number   No.1-50
Full Size   Size: 1/10 scale (Femto: W (15) x D (15) x H (21) cm; Conrad (base diameter): 95 mm; H(6); Full size of Conrad: 8 cm; Ubik (base diameter): 95 mm; W (3) x D (3) x H (4) cm
Materials   Polystone
Estimated Delivery Date   around end of January- middle of February, 2016
Total Weight   will be informed to you separately around December, 2015
Originated & Manufactured   ART OF WAR
Released Date   November 11th, 2015
Copy Right   © Kentarou Miura (studio GAGA)/ Hakusensha
Retail Information   Available
Repaint Service for P & D Customer   acceptable until November 25th, 2015. The addition of blood is unclear in this black version. It is because the item is dark in color and if we add red color to the item, it is diffcult to find the difference of adding blood to the item.

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Re: Femto 2015 Black Ver (no.405) & Purple Ver (no.406/407)
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416euro ... Serious???? First release cost 15.800yen ... Ufff,still same statue with new repaint and new price this is new aow polici...shame