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It seems like everyone is getting magical weapons.  I wonder what kind of power Skully's sword packs now.  Can it defeat Apostles more easily since it comes from berelits?

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What?  The Iraqi Information Minister is superior to the truth!  Be assured that the infidel Guts is committing suicide before the lovely sight of Slann's b00bs... ;)

I'm inclined to believe Saiki since knocking off Slann would enrage the legions of her fan-boobs... err... I mean fan-boys.  On the other hand, I have absolutely no knowledge of the Japanese language and I have no access to YA so I am not in a position to comment what's going to happen next... :P.  
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Oh, I'm convinced she's not dead. I just thought Saiki's tone in trying to convince us that she's not dead was utterly hilarious.
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