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hi guys!!!

let's post some images of the tutorial I am doing on the berserk armor!!! :)
starting from the helmet!

these sketches are made to clarify my ideas and method cause i want to create a good and "professional" video tutorial.

6 steps, try to follow them and post your results so we can discuss and improve  :)

next part will be on contrasts and lights-shadows!!

hope you appreciate my efforts 

That's very helpful, thanks for posting it!

Cool tutorial, Rapaz! I imagine this will be helpful for folks who are intimidated by some of the complexity in Miura's armor designs, or for people who are lazy and like shortcuts (aka myself). :griffnotevil:

Hi guys,

i decided to try to animate berserk (only little random scenes for the moment) to understand better what kind of medias to use and how to organize the massive work it means.

i was thinking about 2 ways of animation:

1) full 2d animation using both manual and digital drawing/coloring

2) 3d hand-built and painted dioramas for environments and Rotoscoping for characters (so create good cosplays and use credible actors)

i started with the 2d animation just because i can do it by myself and don't need much more than my computer and some pencils/paper.

here the first test i am working on, it's really complicated and long and i's still work in progress but i start to understand better what and how to do it.

here what i started to do (it's more a video board than a finished animation):

let me know what do you think about it, both suggestions and insults are well received!!! :)

Vixen Comics:
holy crap that is sick!  :isidro:  :guts: What you have going on here is very good. Maybe one day I will learn animation techniques. I personally  think you should go with 2d animation using both manual and digital drawing/coloring.


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