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Help me explain why Guts won't use his beherit

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So, sorry it's been awhile since I have read Berserk and I am getting a little tired of some of these "Guts will use the beherit theories."

I want to ask the community their opinions, but most of all. When Guts faces off Slan, Skull Knight eats a beherit in that scene. Was that not the one Guts was carrying? I am having alot of trouble remembering where that beherit came from, or if you see Puck carrying it again after Qliphoth. Essentially, my whole idea was that Guts only carried it in the first place as a tool to summon Griffith so that he may kill him. Others seem to think he held onto it so that he could use it to gain power, and I just don't see that. Guts is very proud to be human and to be able to kill Apostles as he is, it would just ruin his character to use a Beherit... but also, does he even fucking have one anymore?

Thanks for reading guys.

I went through the trouble of correcting the spelling of the words "beherit" and "Qliphoth" in your post.

Anyway, the Skull Knight did not eat a beherit when Guts faced off against Slan in volume 26. He used his beherit sword technique (covering his sword with the melted beherits he had been swallowing over the years) to destroy the Qliphoth.

So Guts does indeed still carry a beherit, the one he obtained from Vargas in volume 2. The reason he has been carrying it was so he could find a way to summon the God Hand, his goal being to strike them down, obviously. But as Flora explained to him, that's just not how it works. Since then, it's mostly been Puck who has held on to it.

As for the idea that Guts would use the beherit to become an apostle, it's obviously nonsensical. There's a dozen reason why it won't happen (which we have gone over many many times in previous threads on the subject), but you already pointed out what matters: it would be completely contradictory to his character. Honestly, anyone even entertaining that idea is merely broadcasting to the world that they don't understand the story.

Thanks, I couldn't remember the scene where he actually eats one. I'm currently on vacation in Ireland and my copies are all in the States. I went to Skellig (Elfhelm) lol!

To piggy-back off what Aaz said, a Beherit is not something you use. It is not a tool. Flora says this in Volume 24, episode "Magic Stone". Here are some of quotes of Flora in this episode: "You think this is something that can be used if only you find the means, but it is not ... When the time is right, it will be in the hands of the person to whom it belongs ... And it is certain to be at the very moment that the owner craves their [The Godhand] power." With my very limited knowledge of Berserk, there are only two outcomes: Guts will lose the beherit prior to a big event involving the Godhand, or Skull Knight will make use of it as he does.  :SK:


--- Quote from: Sixtopia on July 19, 2017, 11:14:54 PM --- With my very limited knowledge of Berserk, there are only two outcomes: Guts will lose the beherit prior to a big event involving the Godhand, or Skull Knight will make use of it as he does.  :SK:

--- End quote ---

There are many possibilities. Of course, there are tons of threads on this subject, but here are a few of the things I've been thinking about lately.

Puck's affinity for that Beherit is probably going to play a role. I don't think Miura would have reinforced the connection between those two merely for comedic effect. Something we've been talking about on the podcast for the past year or so, is that Puck's proximity to the Beherit over the years could have changed its nature in some way. The foundation for that could be barytes, which have no affinity with elves, but seem to have an affinity with darkness/depression/obsession, perhaps the traces of another force at work in the Berserk universe. But we're still too far from a revelation on that front to say for sure.

Beyond that, Skull Knight may not be the only one to have used Beherits in an alternative way. There could be others. Furthermore, Beherits were recently introduced as a way to open the road of dragons, connected to a deep part of the astral world (the abyss). Perhaps Miura has ideas for exploring that a little further.


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