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Eclipse is returning in the real world! The God Hand returns!

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The eclipse is returning today 21 August, 2017 with the god hand!

Watch the eclipse live here:

Are you excited for the return of the eclipse and the god hand?

If that
--- Quote from: Zade on August 21, 2017, 02:37:11 PM ---Are you excited for the return of the eclipse and the god hand?

--- End quote ---

If it means having a chance encounter with  :SK:, sure I'll be there.


6 minutes to eclipse! God Hand finally returns! I waited for it so long!

Edit: The eclipse has started! 27 minutes for totality eclipse and that's when the God Hand will be summoned!

Watch here live!

Edit 2#:

few minutes left for total eclipse !!!! the god hand is almost here!!!!

Even though I can genuinely appreciate this is a once in a lifetime astronomical phenomenon, when the hype reached the point that every site was replacing the O's in their names with little eclipsed suns I started getting the typical dummy vibes off the whole "event" aspect:

Plus, the view unfortunately sucks from where I am, it's cloudy and just a bit dim out. =)


Total Eclipse now!!!! The God Hand returned!


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