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Miura's 2017 Manga Seminar


Over the weekend, Kentarou Miura gave his first manga seminar at an event for upcoming mangaka hosted by Hakusensha. I've scoured the internet for any photos leaked from the event, and I've come up empty.

However, here's an article (in Japanese) breaking down the event and what he said:

It's pretty clear that he or the publisher requested no photos be taken, and everyone seemed to have obliged the request. Oh well!

I would love to learn japanese just to read this kind of stuff (and manga, of course)

Thanks for sharing, Walter!

Anime News Network translated a portion of the Natalie.Mu article on the seminar:

Headline is misleading. Miura talked about the basis for the Falcons years ago.

If only anyone would ask him about the reason for all the long hiatuses. Would be interesting to know.


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