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Hey guys,

Great to be here :)

I purchased this in Japan, back in 2009, back when the GFC hit (Literally 8 days after). Back then, the Yen was like gold, and I ended up paying $900 AUD for this brand new.

Since I've had it, it's been sitting in the box and it has never been taken out of it (outside of the time that the store clerk actually removed it from the box).

The first time it has been taken out, is for the purpose of these photos. Outside of this, this has never been displayed, never seen a shelf, it has literally sat safely in that box for years.

The photos you see are as it is right now.

So, even though I've written "New":
- It has been removed from the box for the purpose of photos (I washed my hands before I touched the figurines, and was careful to not put my fingers on the parts where possible)
- The box has some minor scuffs and such on it, but figurine is as you see it.

Just want to be as transparent as possible.

I am running out of space, embarking on a new journey and selling a bunch of stuff, and frankly this has been sitting under my bed for years and I've never even thought about it, so I think it's time to give it to someone who will appreciate this.

I'm looking for offers of $300 AUD, and am open to negotiation.

Please note that I am in Australia, postage to the states/uk/france etc will be $75 USD.

Happy to work something out and make it easy, for anyone interested.

PM me or reply here if any interest.

A great chance to own a piece of berserk history, and something that has been loved and well looked after :)

Thank you!

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Re: [FS] *New* No. 075 The Skull Knight Horse Riding Figure (Normal)
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**Sold*** :)