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[FS] Art of War Guts & Slan and Tentacle Ship (1st version)
« on: January 03, 2018, 12:21:52 AM »
EDIT: Both sold.


I am selling the two abovementioned statues in like new condition, both bought from members here on the forum. Never displayed, only opened once to inspect. I am located in Austria (Europe) so shipping to Europe would be preferred, but we can work something out if you live somewhere else.
The Tentacle Ship statue is the first version released; the standard one limited to 33 pieces, not the exclusive one limited to 77.

Prices excluding shipping and PayPal fees:
Tentacle Ship: 1000
Guts & Slan: 500

Shipping at buyer's risk, so be sure to ask me for insured shipping to be safe if desired.


Unfortunately a tiny piece of the cloak (Tentacle Ship) broke off during shipping to me, but this is something that would easily be fixed with glue:

PM me if interested.

Best regards,
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