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Episodes 207 - 222 ?
« on: June 18, 2003, 09:18:29 AM »
Hi all,
I was wondering how did u guys get episodes 207 - 222 ? The manga is not even out yet, right ? I would assume you guys get the partial chapters from 'Young Animal' Magazines ? Could you please explain to me what happened? I try to read some episodes 207+ topics in the forums but i don't have idea at all ? You guys sure ahead of me ^_^;

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Re:Chapter 207 - 222 ?
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slaughter trolls.
Casca and Farnese kidnapped by trolls.  they go save them
they find the layer.  Guts takes new title of 100 troll slayer
Everyone else flees with the women the trolls had captured.  
After the trolls are slaughtered, Slan makes a body out of their corpses.  
 - The other group is persued by more trolls.  They notice something pass at incredible speed
Slan pounds Guts good, and destroys his armor.  
Skully come in, but is swarmed by ogres.  
 - Troll King comes in and Isidro faces off with him.
Skully tells guts to use the DS since it has become a weapon that can hurt her.
 - Isidro uses his spin tech to kill the troll king
Slan abandons the body, and the area begins to colapse.  
Skully swallows his sword, and it comes out covered in melted Beherits.
He cuts through space, and returns Guts to the group.  

They return everyone to town, and celebrate.  
Guts realizes he hasn't felt this way since the hawks and reminices.  
They head to floras.
CH 222, you can see for yourself.
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Ok, so I leave and come back....

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Re:Chapter 207 - 222 ?
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I think that is the nicest responce I have seen you give Majin.  ;)
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Re:Chapter 207 - 222 ?
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I think that is the nicest responce I have seen you give Majin.  ;)

well... In D&D terms, I'm chaotic neutral.  So you never know what to expect.  
Ok, so I leave and come back....

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Re:Chapter 207 - 222 ?
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well... In D&D terms, I'm chaotic neutral.

Oh God,
You went there...
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Re:Chapter 207 - 222 ?
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well... In D&D terms, I'm chaotic neutral.  So you never know what to expect.  

Y don't u be Chaotic Evil Majin?

for me i m alway lawful good  ;D
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Re:Chapter 207 - 222 ?
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This is purely for reference, as we won't likely see the latter half of these chapters until several months from now.  Most of these summaries were written by Saiki and Puella, some were by Olivier.  I edited them all to make for easier reading. Enjoy.

Chapter 207[/u]
Serpico has a blast with his new sword; the wind sweeps trolls' heads off and seems to not be hurting humans.
Isidro briefly goes to get himself some action and comes tearing back around the corner followed by a few dozen trolls.
The villagers report that the strangers are using magic to fight the trolls, and the priest is furious.
Casca trips and Farnese throws herself on top of her, shielding her with her body before Serpico clears away the immediate danger.  They are quickly surrounded.
Then Guts steps in and unleashes hell on the Trolls.  

Chapter 208[/u]
Guts continues to wipe his ass with the Trolls.  Schierke is on the roof setting up a protection spell for the church.  All the villagers move into the church and the priest climbs up on the roof, trying to stop the spell.  Farnese recognizes the look in his eyes and remembers herself when she was the Commander of the HICKS. She grabs his sleeve to stop him ... and...
 Trolls have climbed onto the roof and some children notice a few trolls lurking around the altar.

Chapter 209[/b]
Guts realizes that there are Tolls in the church, so he asks Serpico and Isidro to take care of it.
Serpico and Isidro can't get into the church because of the villagers, so Serpico uses his hood and... flies. He kills a few trolls and go find Farnese (who's trying to protect Casca).
Isidro tries to use his "two swords technique" but fails. He's about to get killed when Morgan protects him. The villagers see this and decide to fight back as well.
Schierke's spell is finally casted: the Four Kings of the World appear.

Chapter 210
The 4 Angels protect the church with a circle of light. All Trolls within the church and touching the barrier were destroyed.  Schierke comments that these are the same 4 angels as mentioned in the Holy See (likely referring to those that destroyed Gaiseric's empire). The 4 Kings also seem to be divided into Elements, Earth, Fire, Wind and Water.
Suddenly, a loud thump is heard all around.  A huge Ogre appears and is headed towards the church.  It can't cross the barrier though.  The Ogre picks up a piece of a nearby house and launches it at the church,  causing damage to the wall.  Guts retaliates by facing off against the Ogre on one one.

Chapter 211
 Guts is kicking the shit out of the Ogre with his bombs and Dragon Slayer.  The ogre is able to re-connect his arm, just like apostles.  Suddenly,  something like a missile is shot toward Guts.  Guts turns around and holds back the attack with The DS.  
A Kelpie(river horse) appears.
The Kelpie, a water monster, has a nuetral spirit which infers that it can attacks creatures with low position-ego (bad guys).
The Kelpie shoots water magic by the power of elementals but it directly hits the trolls.  Schierke says of the Trolls that "They are just following their desire. They don't really know what to do because they have no criteria of judgment."  
Serpico decides to help Guts.  He asks Farnese to protect Casca well. As he descends, he reflects on his past and realizes how much Farnese has changed over the recent years.
Serpico lands and chants, "Spirit of wind, our power "

Chapter 212[/u]
Serpico repels the attack of the Kelpie with the wind elemental.
However, the water elemental only holds the water back.
On the other side,  Guts evades the attack of the Ogre and cuts his shoulder. Schierke prepares to cast another spell.
As she gets deeper into the layer of the astral world, she comes across the astral corpse of the sanctuary which had existed before the current temple was built.  "Windinu", a water elemental was once worshipped here.  "Is this the thing which has been worshipped in this temple...?" (yes...)
The fights go on while Schierke is casting a spell.
The wall of water blocks Serpico's attack. Serpico can't handle all attacks because he has no enough experience with magic.
The kelpie tries to attack by making a wall of water but it(water) is hoisted into the air.
"If we can't cut and tear, we can hoist it. that's the way"
Getting a chance, Serpico puts the sword into the Kelpie.

Chapter 213[/u]
After stabbing the Kelpie, Serpico gets slammed backwards by the water pillars around him. He is badly injured and is unable to move. Guts tries to help but is stopped by the Ogre. The Kelpie shoots more water at Serpico, but the water is dispersed right before it hits Serpico. And the water around the Kelpie is now shooting at the Ogre. This was caused by the water Elemental that Schierke had summoned. Guts, "This is... magic?"  The water elemental causes a huge flood to appear and Guts and Serpico use this chance to finish off the Ogre and the Kelpie.

Chapter 214
All the trolls in the village are washed away from the flood.  Everything seems to have ended but Schierke doesn't end the spell. She lost control of herself while  merging with the water elemental (Windinu). Fanese tries to wake her up but Evarella stops her. She explains that if Schierke is forcefully brought back while she is in the Kakuryo realm, her heart will not be able to return to her body and she will end up becoming a Majin/monster. In order to bring her back, they must tap the staff rythmycally and make the spell caster focus on the real world. Meanwhile, Schierke was flowing through in the realm of Kakuryo. During this, she hears the sound of the staff and the words of Flora flows through her head.
"Magic isn't becoming one with power, magic is......."
At this moment, the temple starts to collapse because of the flood. Casca and Farnese both fall off the roof and into the water. Guts tries to grab them but Farnese couldn't reach Guts's hand. Schierke upon noticing this, sends a logs there way. The two of them somehow grab a hold of the log but get washed away with the flood.
After everything had ended, Schierke is trying to find the "odo" of Casca and Farnese. Schierke keeps blaming herself for losing control over herself. Guts tells her that no one in the village intends on blaming her for anything and that she should take some weight off her shoulders. Schierke finally finds the two and assures that they are alive. But the two had been captured by the trolls and are being takens somewhere.....

Chapter 215
As Schierke is being thanked by the villagers, she explains to them that it was the four kings and the water elemental that really saved them. Before, there used to be a shrine made to worship the water elemental, but when the church was built, the elemental had been long forgotten about. And because the water elemental was awakened suddenly, she had brought the flood. Shcerkie asks the priest if something could be built to honor/worship the water elemental, and the priest accepts this.
Morgan then gives Isidro a sword that was passed down to him by his father. Isidro accepts the sword and Morgan begins to explain why he was lost in the woods when he was a child. He explained that he wanted to get away from his village, his family, his mothers sickness, etc.
"Dreams are an interesting thing. It can be a courageous  challenge or it can also be running away from everything."
Morgan then asks Isidro which one he is, and Isidro responds by telling him that he'll prove it and leaves towards Guts.
Serpico tells Guts to leave without him and to "Protect (take care of) Farnese." Guts hearing this, leaves with Schierke and Isidro.
As the group walks further into the woods, the area becomes darker and different. Schierke explains that they are in the world of Kakuryo (astral) and that they are in the territory of darkness (qliphoth).
She explains that each layer/area of the kakuryo has its own atmosphere, and that many different creatures have gathered here. The kakuryo has a tendency of gathering creatures with the same kind of od together and that the Qliphoth is a place where creatures with dark souls/od gather together. She explains that this sort of thing shouldn't be happenning. Creatures like trolls and fairies are being seen by people as if they have a physical body and that the world will change if these creatures live in the real world. She then says that the change has already begun along with appearance of another individual, showing a picture of Griffith.

Chapter 216:[/u]
By Scherke's lead, Guts and the party find the nest of the trolls. Scherke continues to track the whereabouts of Casca and Farnese.
Farnese leaves the area with Casca and makes her way deeper into the cave. She then hears the scream of a woman and looks in that direction. She see's the trolls raping the town women. Scherke tells Farnese that she shouls stay still to not draw the attention of the trolls. As Farnese and Casca stay where they are, Hanna notices the two and screams for help. The second later, Hanna starts screaming. Before Farnese could say anything, Hanna's stomach explodes and babies trolls pop out of Hanna's stomach. Seeing this, Farnese screams.

Chapter 217[/u]
Farnese almost passes out from fear but swings her sword around to protect Casca. Farnese, who cannot do anything, had been entrusted with somewith who is even weaker than her. Casca's warmth won't allow her to crouch down. Casca's existence won't allow her to be weak.
Guts saves Farnese from an attacking troll.
Meanwhile, Schierke is helping the captured villagers. The women and children start gathering around Guts and the group. The trolls notice this and start gathering to stop this. The number that gathered are even greater than the number that attacked the village. Guts decides that he'll stay behind and stop the trolls and tells Schierke to take the villagers and lead them back.
Guts smiles as he attacks the trolls.

Chapter 218
Guts seems to enjoy fighting alone with the Trolls.  The dead bodies of trolls become a heap of meat.
Farnese thinks to herself about protecting Casca.
When the trolls attacked, she didn't faint because Casca was there.
The one even weaker than Farnese has kept her alive. Now she is being saved by the one who she had once put in danger and even laughed at. She wonders,
"Is this retribution?"
Then she realizes,... it's not retribution, but salvation(redemption).
A group of trolls surrounds their escaping party.  A figure darts over Schierke and dices the trolls to several pieces.
Guts looks prepared to leave but suddenly... a dark, tentacled figured rises out of the sea of dead Trolls.

Chapter 219[/u]
Guts Beherit is reformed and his brand begins to bleed through the seal.  Slan manifests from the Troll bodies and tells Guts that she's longed to meet him.  Guts launches an attack but he is beaten down by her wings.  She rips open Guts armor and just before anything saucy can happen to the hot couple, a skullyrang causes Slan to drop Guts.  The Skull Knight has arrived.

Chapter 220[/u]
Skully and Slann start talking to each other. Skully asks why Slan is the only one to show up and Slann tells him that she came by her own will.  She explains that with the arrival of the 5th GH, the worlds are becoming one.  The other GH have dissolved into Sephira and they are  drifting about without a form. As Skully raises his sword, Slann calls for a bunch of Ogres.
On the otherhand, Schierke is casting her spell as Isidro fights the trolls. Schierke starts to remember the words of Flora. And how spells may end up consuming the spell caster themself. And the most dangerous is the Shadow.
As Skully's fight with the Ogres continues,  Slann refers to him as "The King" and asks if he's enjoying it.
Skully stops and looks at Slann and says that this is the chance. Slann then realizes that Guts has the arm cannon aimed right at her. The cannon hits her right in the torso area.
A huge hole is formed in her torso area from the cannon but Slann just smiles. She then tells Guts that this isnt enough and that she wants more. Skully then yells out to Guts. He tells him that the DS has been forged by the countless hatred from spirits, and with that sword, it is possible to hurt her. Guts then stabs Slann.

Chapter 221
When Guts pierces Slann with the DS, she screams for joy and tells him that he is great.  Her body falls apart and she leaves telling Guts they'll meet again.
Meanwhile, the troll king burns away, after being stabbed by Isidro.  A number of trolls try to attack Isidro from behind. At the same moment, the spirit of the shadows is summonned by Schierke. The SoS blows its breath onto the earth and the trolls start to rot away. Schierke tells Guts to hurry and get out of there.
Skully comments on how they cannot excape at the current situation. He then swallows the tip of his sword. When he takes the sword out, it is covered by eye's, noses's and mouths. When Skully swings the sword, a path to the Nexus (middle astral realm, Hell, see Volume 3).  Skully takes Guts and they both leave the forest. All the creatures within the area get sucked into the Ikkukan.
Guts and skully both appear behind Schierke and Isidro. Skully leaves into the shadows and Schierke seems to recognize something about him.
When the group gets back to the village, Serpico is delighted to see that Farnese is safe. Guts watches his new allies and remembers the Band of Hawks. He realizes that he has gained something that he thought he could never get back again.

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Re:Chapter 207 - 222 ?
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May I ask if theres a text translation (like for Tank 24) for this one available? Im not looking for scanlations, I just need the text as Ive bought the 25th tank but my jp skills are somewhat way too low for Berserk.

so far
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Re:Chapter 207 - 222 ?
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Try the Translations section. I remember reading some of them there.