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The forest in Vol.23??
« on: August 08, 2003, 05:38:46 PM »
The forest in Vol.23, the one with the kids where they see Zodd flying overhead, is this the same forest that Guts finds Slan in, and where the trolls take Casca and Farnese??  In Vol.23 it says something like "things are waking up," does it mean that the trolls are coming about here or what?  Just wondering.  Another thing... what happened to Chapters 177 and 178??  They go from the end of Vol.22 Chapter 176 to the beginning of Vol.23 Chapter 179.  Where'd they go??  Anyway, thanks for any help.  Just wondering about those things.

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Re:The forest in Vol.23??
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2003, 06:58:31 PM »
I doubt it's the same forest, it's probably just a random forest to help get the situation across.  I don't really see anything about "things waking up," although they do talk about changes occuring.  That was likely a general reference to how things are changing since Griffith's rebirth.  

As for the chapters, this is how it's listed in's translations:

Volume 22
- 179: Tattered World
- 180: Meeting again on the Hill of Swords
- 181: Beast Swordsman VS Black Swordsman
- 182: Indestructible
- 183: Preface to the War
- 184: Kushan Invasion
- 185: Winds of Change (1)
- 186: Winds of Change (2)
- 177: Snow, Flames and...(1)
- 178: Snow, Flames and...(2)

Volume 23
- 187: Winter Journey (1)
- 188: Winter Journey (2)
- 189: Time Apart
- 190: The Beast Hungers
- 191: Meeting again in the Wilderness
- 192: Demon Army
- 193: The Flag of the Flying Sword
- 194: Wings of Light and Darkness
- 195: When the stars of night fall
- 196: Like a Child

I'm guessing maybe the chapters came out in the numerical order, but were rearranged when they were published in graphic novel format (but I don't know for sure why it's like that).
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Re:The forest in Vol.23??
« Reply #2 on: August 08, 2003, 10:53:40 PM »
Miura did Snow and Flames parts 1 & 2 in-between the Retribution and Millenium Falcon arcs, as sort of a break in the story. But, it is technically a side story, if you check the index of volume 22, youíll see that in addition to it being moved to the back of the volume despite being released first, itís even listed separately from the other chapters. I like the move personally, makes the story flow better.


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Re:The forest in Vol.23??
« Reply #3 on: August 09, 2003, 07:50:53 AM »
Volume 23 and 24 are almost Shinto-like in the whole aspect of the reverance of nature, the forest, air, wind, water, etc. Shinto is the religion of Japan that is about worshipping and respecting elements of is it any wonder it found its way somehow into Berserk?:)

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Re:The forest in Vol.23??
« Reply #4 on: August 09, 2003, 04:58:19 PM »
Wow.  I didn't see that at all.  Thanks a bunch.

"In the silence, something began to breath(e)."  That's the waking up thing I was talking about.  My bad.  They show a little guy underneath a tree, I'm thinking it's something from the same "dimension" that the trolls are from and all that.