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Re: Griffith and Love???
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This is probably a useless post, but I just wanted to reinforce every statement made in your perspective.
You really hit the nail on the head!  :isidro:


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Re: Griffith and Love???
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In the the author's notes at the end of Herbert Mason's telling of Gilgamesh, he was explaining about Gilgamesh's (I always start typing Ganishka by mistake) feelings when his only friend Enkidu died.  I think it explains very closely how Griffith felt after Guts left.

All I changed some tenses and pronouns.
Quote from: Herbert Mason
He lost the one who he didn't realize enabled him to live in other people's worlds; then he had only his own private world and the almost herculean task of constructing a human reentry.  What he finally does, out of desperation to recover the sense of the "outside," is to go on an impossible, or even forbidden, journey or pilgrimage, which from a rational point of view is futile.

Though Griffith and Guts and their relationship are very different from Gilgamesh and Enkidu.

Was gonna post this in this thread, but it was locked.
Though it's not an influence on Berserk, just has a nice and coincidentally similar explanation.