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Nasferatu Zodd:
I just finished with 3 new paintings that my teacher did like half of.

This one I have no fucking clue what it is, my teacher did the liquid and reflection.

Allright, this one I almost did all of but the 4 tigers. I was going to just make it a hill but noooooo it was too simple so my teacher helped me do four more.

And this one I did the two people and the grass but once again my teacher thought it was too plain so he threw in the trees and the castle or whatever the fuck it is.

chugoku sensei:
umm....are you sure those are ones that you did? They look like pictures I've seen from Hong Kong comics. ;)

Nasferatu Zodd:
You read Hong Kong Comics? Awesome! My teacher used to work for them so its not a big surprise that most of my artwork looks like theirs. He used to work for some guy called Wing Shing Ma. Anyways you should check out Storm Riders, my teacher used to do cover rt for them!

ur in art school right cause wit that talent i doubt he would be a art teacher for a highschool

You rock the casba, mon amie.

I really like the first one. I think it'd be rather barren if you had just been the figure, so as I see it, the liquid adds something.

I know about art teachers. I got to a Arts High School. I hate when you finish something you consider is done (or just don't want to bother with), and your teacher ALWAYS does that "Are you SURE it's done? You could add some more contrast to here, here and here." It's like, "Goddamn, it's my work. I'm done." -_-'

But I've never had a teacher actually add something onto my work. That must be a little bit frustrating.

Oh! And I meant to ask what painting medium you used. It looks a bit like gouache, but it doesn't have the starch, blaring gouache look.


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