Author Topic: Why was Rakshas exiled from the Bakiraka?  (Read 1583 times)

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Why was Rakshas exiled from the Bakiraka?
« on: March 29, 2004, 05:24:36 AM »
When we first meet Rakshas, he talks about wanting Griffith's head, yet he pledges his allegiance to him. Not so long ago, he chooses not to attack Ganishka with the rest of his BOTH "comrades" but instead chooses to show his former Bakiraka comrades the dark nature of Ganishka. Could it be that he really doesn't give much of a shit about Griffith (though he would prefer having him dead) and just wants Ganishka dead? I think that Rakshas will have a part to play in Ganishka's demise. After all, Rakshas is much more involved in Kushan/Bakiraka affairs than in Godhand/elf affairs. For this reason, I predict that Rakshas will die along with Ganishka (or possibly join Silatt). Maybe Rakshas was exiled from the Bakiraka because he did not want to serve Ganishka like the rest of them. Only by allying himself with Griffith would his goal of Ganishka's demise even be possible. If it weren't for Rakshas, Ganishka would just seem like an overgrown Wyald (who rules an empire). Rakshas is awesome.
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Re:Why was Rakshas exiled from the Bakiraka?
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Well my kick ass friend...I believe you just answered your question. Does anyone here wants to debate him?
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