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PL doesn't come back
« on: July 27, 2004, 07:23:44 AM »
Paradiselost doesn't come back though some people have waited for him for long time(me included, of course)
There's some mistake here related to Italian_demon.
These posts are not in proper thread so I made a new thread.

Sparnage said that you put the custon name Paradise_Lost on my nick name cause you think as he says that i am: "the infamouse user Paradise_Lost" ??
How did this come out??
I had just one nick name registered for the first time the 19th of Aprile!!
Can i please have an explaination??
I love this forum and i'm learnig so much about Berserk, i think you can't find one singol Posts that is offensive or lacking respect to someone!!
So how comes that now you accuse me to be that guy that i don't know at all??
Why didn't you contacted me personally then??
Please tell me that i misunderstood everything!!

in fact i didn't undestood why he said that sentence in the beginning, but at least he said that i understood some happenings happened in Berserk and to me it was ok....
I was very new at that time, and still i am really, i think it was you so nice and helpfull that explained the Eclips cycles, so if i was that one, would i make such a wrong theory about the Age of the GH members??
I feel bad now, cause i feel like i can't defend myself!!
For who cares to know i'm Daniele Mancinelli (Italian from center Italy), i'm studying my Master in biotechnologies in Norway, where i'm also studying English for the first time so you know why i'm not good at it. I love Berserk, Naruto, and Saint Seiya!
If you don't believe me this is very offensive cause i don't lie and i respect the guys here and i wish that they respect me as well...
I contacted Walter and i'm wainting an Answer from him, if i'm judged an Infamous person i'll leave this forum.... propably you won't miss much interesting anyway, i guess.....
Water is you are reading please answer as soon as possible!!


you are a great guy and no, you didn't offend me or accused me...
You just read "lost_paradise" on my nickname, so what you said is logical and understandable!
I didn't noticed it before you told me!
But now that i notice it, i guess that the users here thought i actually was him!
Why Walter accused me to be that one?? Why didn't he contacted me and asked??
Why i suddenly find on my profile something i didn't put into without one singol message from the Administrator??
Can Walter please answer how is it possible that suddenly i turned to be this guys?
Puella if you read this Post please say how did i happen to know this Forum!

I think he was mistaken  because he's from Italy and even his name is Daniele! :o
He's new here as he said and he met some Spanish guy on emule some while ago, who informed him of this forum.
He's definitely not our old member Paradiselost.

I also thought he's Paradiselost just because of the custom title. Sorry, Italian_demon, really sorry. :-[

He seems to be a good member. We shouldn't annoy him any more.
I suppose admins remove his custom title though Walter said it's not for accusation but for honor. It's still enough to confuse many people and to bother Italian_demon.
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Re: PL doesn't come back
« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2004, 12:39:48 PM »
I already apologized via PM.  However, I realize that at this point, he might as well BE Paradise_Lost for all the attention he's garnered.  Why not usurp the title, like Dread Pirate Roberts?

I'm serious!
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Re: PL doesn't come back
« Reply #2 on: July 27, 2004, 08:56:08 PM »
HQ Trolls...the world needs them.
Sometimes the wings of fallen dragons refuse to give up the sky.