Author Topic: Has Griffiths proved himself?  (Read 5928 times)

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Re: Has Griffiths proved himself?
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I mean if Guts was supposed to die in the previews Idea's plans but instead he's actually survived and more than once..... he might be the one "unknow variable" that was not previewed by IDEA??

Yeah like the ONE in Matrix, where he is the reminder of the matrix system, without him the figure can never be complete and therefore he is an exception?

I agree with you, certainly the Elf King will give, not just a help on giving back Casca's heart to herself but very likly he'll give new info and hints to Guts and his group (probably he'll explain and teach some more to Schierke for example about Idea and the Fifth reincarned powers etc...).

The Elf King Hanafubuku will only give them some hints but he might be imparting some of the most powerful spells or magics to Schierke, and that would be what is everyone hoping for  ;)
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