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Guts and Slann
« on: September 04, 2004, 07:55:59 PM »
I don't know about anyone else but I am fascinated with the apparent fixation God Hand member Slann has on Guts.  In volume 3 while Guts is occupied with Femto we see that she only has eyes for him.  She continualy compliments him and shows apparent adoration.  Then she even goes on to talk of how great it would be if Guts joined their side.  Did she say it because of Guts skill in battle or did she say it because then she could start something with him without it affecting the God Hands' hidden agenda?  And I can't help but wonder why she does this.  In volume 13 during the Eclipse she is impressed by Guts' actions and seems to be in ectasy when he slaughters all of those apostles.  However, the largest piece that puzzles me is in volume 26 when she alone of the God Hand appears before Guts.  She rips off his armor and starts caressing him as one would a lover.  She even before the Skull Knight appears tries to kiss him.  I wonder could it be that her obsession with Guts (I call it obsession because she tells the Skull Knight that Guts is always in her thoughts and that she just had to meet him again) is actual feelings.  Could she actually love Guts?  Is it even possible for a God Hand member to love?  Also could her feelings for Guts (if she even has legitimate ones) affect Griffith's plans or Idea's plans?  I know this is now specualtion and should go in the specualtion nation section but I'm just really curius about this possible scenario.  Any input or thoughts anyone might have would be great.
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Re: Guts and Slann
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