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My fanfic: An encounter with Judeau in Elfhelm
« on: October 13, 2004, 08:12:24 AM »
I wrote this a long while ago. It was on Walter's fanfic section which is gone now, so I post it here with some pictures.

The interesting thing is the fact that there is a queen of Elfhelm in my fanfic and that I wrote "Judeau" back then. Now it's "Judo".
Enjoy it.

The story goes on.....

Judo is saved in the eclipse

by the queen of Elfhelm
*The great Italian artist Strix drew this for me so willingly. Thanks again Strix.*

 Judo taking a rest in the forest of the Elves
*This one was drawn by Griffith back then. Now he's "Griffith No More!".
Thanks again "Griffith No More!". You are so cool.*

Judo's portrait
*Cough cough. Done by me. This is my poor try on oekaki.
See how my ability is? I need help!* :-[

I always wanted to put my fanfic into pictures but I don't have any ability to do that. But I know there are many good artists or Photoshop users here so I want to ask them for help.
If some of you are interested in my fanfic below after reading it, maybe you could find some proper pictures to illustrate the story, or even create some yourself?
That way I would be able to make it a pictorial story with your help.
This is just my poor try to create a small side story for Berserk, kind of like the prototype in volume 14. I'll be insanely happy if I can make it.

For my pictorial story, here are some tips:

1) Judo
With long hair hanging down to his back.
He's skinny, pale, emaciated and disabled considering the huge damage he receved during the Eclipse.
His right arm especially is nothing more than a rag.

2) Elf Queen: The ruler of Elfhelm
It needs great creativity.
I think she's like Rochine + Flora and a bit bigger and older than normal elves.
And I also imagined Guts was talking with her while putting her on his palm.

3) The scene where Judo and Casca are together.
Ohhh, it's a very impressing scene!
Judo is looking at an insane Casca, trying to remember those good old days he had with her.

4) The scene Guts gives Judo a piggyback ride.

I know it sounds a bit crazy and it's a bothering thing to do.

Help me please!! :)

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Re: My fanfic: An encounter with Judeau in Elfhelm
« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2004, 08:14:32 AM »
An encounter with Judeau in Elfhelm

Finally, Guts band reached Elfhelm, where there were many people other than elves, as Puck had said before.
Everyone looked happy and peaceful.
The elves received Guts band very kindly. Guts thought, This is the best place to leave Casca behind. What a good place....

Guts band felt an indescribable feeling there. Though it was somewhat different, their wounds were closing and strangely, they could feel at ease just as when they were at Flora’s mansion in the spirit tree.

Casca seemed to like Elfhelm very much. The good-natured elves would take good, warm care of her.
Elves are little angels who are warm-hearted and love to help others and to play jokes by nature. There was a queen of elves who had ruled Elfhlem.

The queen noticed what Guts had gone through so far just by seeing Guts.
Finding out the brand on Guts' neck, she was startled.
    "I've seen the one who has the same mark as yours"
Surprised, Guts suddenly grabbed and pressed her a quick answer.

    "Tell me about him! NOW!"
    "He was seriously injured. I had found him in the middle of some horrible place.
The mark was in his left palm. His whole body was covered with terrible wounds.
Especially, his right arm was totally ragged. His chest was also severely pierced”
    "Was he alive?"
    "Yes, we could barely save his life. I brought him here and almost all of elves exerted themselves to save his life"
    "What did he look like?"
    "There’s no need to answer.  He is here, among us."
    "He is here?!"
Smiling gently, the queen pointed a direction with her forefinger.

There was a man with long blond hair that hung down to his back. He was working on some sketch.
It was Judeau!!!!

Guts rushed to Judeau.
He was really Judeau though he was much skinnier than he had been in the Hawk.
Guts hugged Judeau so tightly.
    "Judeau!!! You’re alive!!!" Tears welled up in Guts' eyes.

At that moment, Judeau pulled Guts away. Guts was confused.
Judeau said in a confused voice, ". . . you know me?"

The queen continued to say
    "He can't remember anything. He was in a coma for almost a month.
Even when he came to himself, he couldn't speak anything.
For a long time he kept silent. One day, he suddenly started to call somebody's name.
However, he can't still remember his name. So I gave him a name.
We call him Oscar which means the one who shines brilliantly.
But Judeau is his real name."

Guts looked carefully at the sketch which Judeau was drawing.
It was Casca in armor, the captain of the Hawk. Short-haired Casca, much different from now, was in Judeau's picture!

Serpico and Farnese were also much surprised at this picture. This was her original self. Tears got into Farnese's eyes.
This is Ms. Casca. . . changed like this. . .

At first, Judeau was a bit embarrassed but later became relieved.
Judeau asked Guts in a gentle voice,
    "Is my name Judeau? You seem to know me quite well."

Guts got back to his place with Judeau. There was Casca playing with elves.
Judeau got stunned to see her.
    "This is. . .!"
    "Yeah, the girl in your picture, dude" said Guts with smiling.

Guts resumed talking with the queen.
    "Judeau suffered from terrible nightmares every night. They tormented him even more than the wounds he had recieved."
    "Why did you go 'there'?"
    "I should be there"
    "I had to see what happened there. We elves could feel something ominous before that eclipse. Every spiritual thing knew of it. "
    "So what did you see there?"
    "Everything was finished by the time I got there. Something horrible must have happened. Blood was everywhere. The bodies which monsters ate and left were scattered all over the earth.
He was almost dying but faintly breathing. Fortunately, the monsters didn't devour his body.
First, I stopped his bleeding with Elf Powder and brought him here."
    "I should appreciate that. Thank you very much, you, little creatures."
    "One of my elves had a good medicinal herb which saved his life.
He got better day by day. Sometimes he uttered some names, Griffith, Guts and Casca."
    "I'm that Guts and that girl is Casca."
    "Then who is Griffith?"
    "......." Guts' face was distorted.
The queen read Guts' mind from his facial expression.
    "That’s truly tragic."
Then, they found out that Casca was approaching Judeau who was gazing at her vacantly. Strangely, she wasn't afraid of him at all.

The queen went on.
    "He is very kind and gentle. Besides that, he's very dexterous."
    "He was an excellent fighter."
    "He began to do many different activities, though he can't use his right hand properly."
    "He used to throw daggers with that right hand. His skill was perfect. He also taught me how."
    "He spends most of the time writing a poem, playing a musical instrument and drawing a picture. You saw it.
He loves nature so much, as we elves do. He’s a very precious friend to us."

Judeau and Casca became familiar in a moment. He took care of her just like a brother.
Looking at them playing, Guts was thinking.
    So maybe. . . Griffith and I might not have been good for Casca from the beginning. Our selfishness always made her hard and worrisome too much.
    But not Judeau. He always had a good effect on her. He’s the best man, indeed.

Later, Judeau called Guts. Judeau was perplexed comparing his pictures and Casca.
    "Her name is Casca." Guts started.
    "Were you and I friends?"
    "Yeah, old friends. We always got together to share life and death at the battlefield.
It was a golden time."
    "What are these on my palm and your neck?"
    "The Brand"
    "What do you mean?"
    "The brand he marked us with. Casca has it, too."
    "Only we three have the brand?"
    "Only three of the branded survived. They were all dead. All!"
    "What happened to us?"

Time passes. . .

    "Judeau, why do you think Casca turned like that? She was our captain.
The figure in your pictures is her original self. She became insane after that.
Judeau, I don't want to tell you what happened. It's enough that only I know of it.
One day, we’ll meet Rickert..."
    "He was also a member of the Hawks. Of course, he's alive. When I finish my job, I'll let you meet him. He’d break down in tears if he saw you alive."
Judeau looked at the brand on his left palm.
    "Something horrible must have happened to us."
    "Yeah. . . Judeau, by the way, I have something to show you."
Guts took a dagger out of his outfit.
    "You were good at darting daggers. Best technique ever. I am using it well as you taught me."
Judeau looked at his right hand badly damaged.
    "I was. . . But not any more."
Silence ran through the air. Judeau broke it.
    "Who is Griffith?"
Guts was taken aback.
    "The Elves told me I kept calling Guts -you, Casca and Griffith."
Guts shouted, "You don't have to know anything about him!!!!
You are happy now. You came to this paradise escaping the depths of hell.
That's it. Why would you want to remember the fucking hell?"
    ".... Griffith is ... of hell?"
Their talking stopped there.

For several days after that, they had a good time together. Guts put Judeau, weak and emaciated, on his back and gave him a piggyback ride. And they went into the forest of the elves.
Judeau and Guts band spent much time there. Guts was looking at Casca and Judeau smiling radiantly a bit away from them.
They all survived the eclipse though Judeau's body and Casca's mind were severely damaged. All of them were hurt but still alive.
The Hawks weren’t finished yet.

Guts and Serpico had a talk in the forest.
    "Ms. Casca looks so happy."
    "Yeah, this is the best place for her. What is more, Judeau is here."
    "You don't mind at all?"
    "What are you talking about?"
Serpico gazed at him silently.
    "Gee, you know of that. Judeau loved her. He was the best friend for her. On the contrary, I've never made things easy for her. He is the exact opposite of me."

Guts got up after thinking for a moment.
    "We leave tomorrow, entrusting Casca to Judeau.
I have no time for her. Judeau lives. What else could I need more? Even if I’ll never be able to return here, I’ll know that Casca is happy and safe with Judeau. That's what I want."
Near Guts, Puck took a look at Guts in his sympathetic eyes, "....Guts...."

The next day, Guts was about to leave getting ready in a hurry.
Gasping, Judeau showed up with the elves.
    "We've just met and now you’re leaving, Guts?"
    "Take good care of Casca. She will get better in this place. Above all, you stay with her."
    "I think something similar to this happened in the past."   

    "You’re right. . . I once left you and Casca. . . just like this."   

    "You didn't stop me because you understood me. Gladly let me go just like that."
Judeau seemed to think about something.
    "Are you going to meet him, Guts?"
    "After I’m done with him, I will return to you."
    Though I might never be able to come back. . .
Guts walked up to the queen and said "Thank you for everything. Take care of Casca as you did my friend, Judeau."
Farnese thought. "Now, nothing’s left for him except his revenge."
Casca seemed to hate to have to let Farnese leave.
Farnese said goodbye to Casca,
    "Ms. Casca, I'll surely come back to you with him."
Soon afterwards, Casca began to play with the elves.

As soon as, the sun rose, Guts band left Elfhelm. Guts stepped forward without a single glance back at Judeau and Casca.
    Judeau, you protect Casca again. You are the one for her now.

The scenery they left the Elfhelm was just as when Guts left the Hawks on that snowy day, just as Judeau had said.   

                                           - Fin -

                                                        27.   December.   2002
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Re: My fanfic: An encounter with Judeau in Elfhelm
« Reply #2 on: October 13, 2004, 10:18:27 AM »
Puella maybe you should change the queen to king isnt it?

I believe king hanafubuku might be the one saving him... since he was so goddamn powerful as mentioned by Schierke
It piss me off when I see weaklings, it make me want to crush them

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Re: My fanfic: An encounter with Judeau in Elfhelm
« Reply #3 on: October 14, 2004, 09:10:13 PM »
If you would like the misc. section hasn't yet been deleted just go here.

Or if you would like to still have the banner on top that still has even the news section!!
Go here.

It also has a link to the oekaki section. ;D

Good story, but sadly my photoshop skills still leave much to be desired, but maybe after I complete a few more tutorials, and after more practice. ;D

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Re: My fanfic: An encounter with Judeau in Elfhelm
« Reply #4 on: October 17, 2004, 07:40:08 PM »
I've read it looong ago, and loved it, as you already well know. I also don't have a problem with the Fairy Queen, even given the knowledge of the Fairy King.

I want to see more stories from you, Puella.
:femto: :slan: :ubik:

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Re: My fanfic: An encounter with Judeau in Elfhelm
« Reply #5 on: October 18, 2004, 05:17:41 AM »
I like it, Puella!

Who did the artwork of Judo at the top?
A Question
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Re: My fanfic: An encounter with Judeau in Elfhelm
« Reply #6 on: October 18, 2004, 07:25:44 AM »
If you would like the misc. section hasn't yet been deleted just go here.

I know that link still works. But it isn' shown to public any more, which made me post my fanfic here.

Good story, but sadly my photoshop skills still leave much to be desired, but maybe after I complete a few more tutorials, and after more practice. ;D

Thanks. :D

I want to see more stories from you, Puella.

 Thanks but I'm damn lazy.  ;D

Who did the artwork of Judo at the top?

I don't know. :-\ I got that picture from some Korean Berserk fan site long time  ago. But it didn't say where it had been taken. I guess it's done by some Japanese fan. But who knows?  :P