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Re: Odd moment in "Guardians of desire"
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When Therisia, grabs guts's sword and her hands are bleeding. Guts seems to freak out and look at his own hands. I'm not shure why this is, but he does it quite a few times in the series in wich ive read so far. Whatever the reason, im sure it has some connection to him crying. A few reasons for freaking otu about hands is old painful memories of.

Well, over a year to late to reply to your post, but ah well.

In my humble opinion, it is quite clear that he doesn't look at his hands because he saw Theresa's hands bleeding, which brought back old memories, like his worn down hands while training as a youth. He looks at his own hands because he saw Theresa bleeding and lying on the ground, and he knew that he was responsible for this, he destroyed her life with the hands he is looking at. If he didn't kill the snail count, Theresa would still be locked up in her room, but she wouldn't know that her father was a monster, she wouldn't have gone through that ordeal. He thinks of that, not all the beating up his hands have endured over the years.