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Re: A Zodd theory
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from Fishbomb? how does that work?
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Re: A Zodd theory
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when Zodd talks to Skull knight during the eclipse, how come he says: "i knew youd be here, you've opposed †us for *thousands* of years" † † † † † †???

correct me if im wrong but that means gaiseric cannot be SK

I don't think SK counts by Zodd's reconing as USO.  A proper USO must be a mortal, and SK is anything but a mortal.
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iRe: A Zodd theory
« Reply #52 on: January 15, 2002, 02:41:34 PM »
i think that the research of the strong one and the service to Griffith are for Zood two separate issues. That is the search for the ultimate strong one is a personal bruce lee sort of thing: since he love to fight he want to find someone that is able to go hand to hand with him for the whole 200 rounds and in that he is not very different from the others apostles. What put Him apart from the others apostles is that he seems t†to have a sense of duty towards the plans of the God Hand. To wit he did save Griffith from wyld, (and the fact that he was there just at the right moment open a new series of questions) at the time of the eclipse he was out the vortex as he was mounting guard and now his service to Griffith and also in the dreamcast videogame he appears with the intention to punish the count that was usurping the mandragora power.To shorten a long story he seems always to be on a errand for the God hand So I don't think he is a ordinary apostle. It is true that Guts brand reacts to him but so does also at the God hand : the mere presence of phemt was almost enough to kill him. So who he his really? Sure he is sometimes beastly but in the way of well trained killer dog opposite at the apostles that basically are nothing more than savage beasts (albeit intelligent ones)
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