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Re: Guts = Griffith = Guts = Griffith etc. etc.
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Seeing things in gray while opens your mind but doesn't help matters because inevitably a black and white view point will come in.

Usually that black and white viewpoint comes into play, when ones own life is involved. For example... I have one viewpoint on the world at large, a very understanding one, but if the problem involves me, then there's back to the stone age. I don't think I'm very unique here. But I have to disagree about a black and white viepoint getting more things done... not if the people with the gray viewpoint are willing to bear the knowledge of the adverse effects of their acts. Admittedly very few people can do that, so you're right in practice...


What heinous act has Guts ever done that is equal to what Griffith has done? How are they equal in that respect? †

What good acts have Guts done to equal the good acts that Griffith has done? As I said before... it's a difference in scales only. Griffith works on a grand scale, Guts on a personal level.


Justify what Griffith did. Justify why he raped Casca and Killed his men. A flat out answer. No cheerleading character shrine type hazy answer. Like I typed up there all Iím looking for is a straight answer.

I think Griffith said it... He followed Guts advice. He chose his dream. To sacrifice the hawks like that was no different to him than sacrificing them on the battlefield. A lot more had died during his quest for power up to then than did in the ceremony. However... What was painful was that the likeable characters died, not just the nameless soldiers.

The rape of Casca can't be justified. But I can understand why he did it. Just as I can understand why Guts killed that child.


Berserk has a shonen set up. Shonen comics themselves are not complicated.  

I do not agree. To use a Shonen setup, or a Shojo one for that matter is no hindrance to having a story with great depth. If you look at other literature there are some childrens books which manage to say more about humanity and what motivates us than the most epic adult work. (For example finnish/swedish writer Tove Jansson with her Mumin books). Likewise, there are genre movies that has as much, or greater depth than epic movies. It's just not very common. The Shonen setup in Berserk is obvious. The big sword. The different powers of the antagonists. The inevitable apostle fights. Those are the ones that makes some people like Berserk. But that is no hindrance to Miura telling a story that goes far beyond that. Most people will never notice or care how finely crafted his characters are, or the subtle means he uses to forward the story. They like the 'oh no, not another bloody fight issue' that I find boring and uninteresting. But hey, that's the mix that is interesting.


P.S. Man this is fun. Arguing with you over fiction is much more exciting than arguing with fucking policy analyst.

Discussing things are what makes life interesting. You learn a lot about other people, and if you're lucky you learn a bit about yourself as well.
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Re: Guts = Griffith = Guts = Griffith etc. etc.
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looks like good-old-time back again though I was not There.
and very happy to be here in this thread. :D
If you guys are 'really' with me , I'd bring you some coffee and fruits.

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Re: Guts = Griffith = Guts = Griffith etc. etc.
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I like fruits.

and I have no chance to say something smart after those 2 megs of txt our buddies griff fish & co. wrote.

so I say

I like fruits.

Guts will kick griffis arse, he'll marry Casca and they'll have a normal baby, and live happily, and have a tv with home cinema, and, and...
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