Author Topic: Who is your favorite apostle?  (Read 28916 times)

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Re: Who is your favorite apostle?
« Reply #125 on: August 26, 2007, 03:35:28 AM »
Going by Aazealh description of Rakshas, which gives evidence from the manga, I'd have to agree that Rakshas wouldn't be dwelling on the guilt of what he had to do to become an Apostle. It's pretty evident that he's a bit mad, though there's method there too I imagine.  :ganishka:

Zodd would be my favorite, I just dig that type of character. The master swordsman searching the lands for someone who can defeat him. Kind of like Lancelot...kind of.  Though I was disappointed to see him kneel to Griffith. Locus would be next in line, mainly because he has a pretty cool Apostle form, very creative.
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Re: Who is your favorite apostle?
« Reply #126 on: August 27, 2007, 05:53:43 AM »
Everyone keeps saying Rakshas is mad, even for an apostle, but he acts more civilized than the majority of apostles. I would not call him insane or obsessed, he is to some extent, all apostles are likely mentally unstable. I would say he's resolved to one day have Griffith's head, and morbid by nature as an outcast of a clan of assassins. He's too clandestine to be completely obsessed I believe, otherwise he'd be more reckless and try to kill Griffith every other day or something.
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