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Volume 4 Question
« on: October 15, 2005, 12:51:31 AM »
When Guts killed Bazuso... Guts was on the team against the Hawks right? Cause if so howcome Corkus said he was the one that should have defeated Bazuso? Wouldnt that mean Bazuso and Guts should of been on the same team? I'm sure the simple answer would be to think there was 3 different armies but it didn't make sense to me because I don't remember any mentions of it... Someone please clear this up...

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Re: Volume 4 Question
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2005, 01:01:38 AM »
From what I remember the "he" Corkus was referring to was himself.

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Re: Volume 4 Question
« Reply #2 on: October 15, 2005, 02:56:20 AM »
Guts was fighting against the Hawks when he killed Bazuso, and Corkus most likely meant he was suppose to be the one to kill him and get the reward/fame but not necessarily right there and then.

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Re: Volume 4 Question
« Reply #3 on: October 15, 2005, 03:11:05 AM »
there weren't 3 armies.  Bazuso was just someone famous on the hawks side.  Corkus, being the sly devil, wanted that fame for himself.  However, his statement was merely a tool used by Miura to state that Bazuso wasn't some dearly loved individual, and nobody seemed to mourn his death.
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Re: Volume 4 Question
« Reply #4 on: October 15, 2005, 12:47:04 PM »
Redundant response but to bury it in stone: The Hawks were helping defending the castle, as mercenaries. Guts was helping attacking the castle, as a mercenary. Bazūso was defending the castle, like the Hawks, but he wasn't one of them (in The Band of the Hawks), just someone fighting on their side at that moment. As Zelz and CnC stated, Corcas wanted the fame for himself (not sure about the whooping reward of 7 gold coins since he's under Griffith's command).

To defend the castle along with Bazūso doesn't mean they wouldn't fight against him the next week, look at Guts for example, he joined the Hawks (although not voluntarily) and attacked the people he was helping soon after. That's what mercenaries are all about.


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Re: Volume 4 Question
« Reply #5 on: October 16, 2005, 04:32:08 PM »
Aha yes... Thank you everyone for clearing that up.