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Well, Walter made that one when the episode came out but he didn't post it, as for the others I know no idea. Some of them are bothering to merge cleanly so somebody would need to spend a bit of time on it.

*saves* *sets as wallpaper*  *centers* *sets bg color to black*  looks perfect.  The vertical nearly matches up with my monitor, and the horizontal looks good enough when i fill in the rest with black  :beast:   Thanks.

basically, I was made aware of just how many 2 page spreads there were when i was reading the 268 thread, and "Griffith no more" was doing the exact statictics, and i thought he was being sarcastic or something (i only remembered there being one or two... the one posted above was the one I remembered...) , but when i went home and checked, I was supprised how much I didn't even realized I missed!