Author Topic: Where did Berserk names originate??  (Read 14717 times)

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Re: Where did Berserk names originate??
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Very intersting, I was wanting to know myself where the names came from, and I am mixed on finding (I guess?) that Guts name simply means what he has an abundance of. Again, no problem or quarrel but I had wondered if it was dervived from something unknown.

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Re:Where did Berserk names originate??
« Reply #51 on: September 22, 2006, 08:23:07 PM »
Collected from pretty much everyone's posts in this thread:
Zepec: A city in Bosnia/Herzegovina and a Bosnian/Croatian name.

Not only in Bosnia. The name is very common in Chzeh republic and in Slovakia.
In this world
the destiny of mankind
is controlled by some
transcendental entity or law.
Like the hand of God
hovering above.

At least man knows
that he has no control
over his own will.