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Clothing help
« on: May 20, 2006, 08:02:08 AM »
Okay, even before I even knew what Berserk was I've been into Guts's fighting style. A bit of armour, a big cloak, and a big sword that smashes things.
Though after reading Berserk and trying to figure out certain things, I've made attempts to make A:The Dragonslayer's sword baldric/hanger and B:Guts's cloak. So far both have been slightly functional, but not nearly as well as I had hoped.

If anyone could help me design a cloak and sword hanger (because I have huge swords that need hanging, dammit :guts:) it would be *MUCH* appreciated!

"If you follow me to this place, the entire world... is a battlefield." ~Guts