Author Topic: Black Swordsman Statue and figure comparison  (Read 1019 times)

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Black Swordsman Statue and figure comparison
« on: November 19, 2001, 09:16:59 AM »
The statues in the end are the best representaion of characters. Visually speaking The statues will always look better. I cannot imagine a Skull Knight figure looking as great as the statue. The Black swordsman figure while great doesn't have the detail of the statue. For some reason the Upper body of the toy looks slightly elongated. The Statue looks proportionatly correct. A flaw that the american figure has is the links in his armor are circles (picky I know). While the Japanese one has the accurate Triangle links. Also the U.S. one has the chain sheath on the chained on the wrong link (pliers can fix that). One last link difference is the link that holds the sword on Guts Back. The American one has an open circle link on while the japanese has a very usefull S-link (picky,picky). The Capes are pretty much the same visually but the Japanese one is thicker and a bit heavier. Now ONE BIG FLAW the fact that Guts does not look that good with his cape on. He just doesn't. It's too bulky and does not look natural. He looks much better with the cape off. Even if you put the american cape on him it still comes off as to bulky. It's Ideal to have both staue and figure. One to show him in his cape and one without.

But for the price you can't go wrong with the action figure. I know the statues are not for everyone. those are for the diehard guys who must have everything (including all statue variants, bloody guts, glow in the dark SK etc.Speaking of bloody Guts make sure you have a legit one and not a custom! The custom ones I've seen have one major thing that is a dead giveaway. The custom ones usually have his eye painted red. The real legit ones do NOT have a painted red eye!! There are other things but thats the biggie. I've seen a couple on ebay several months back so they do pop up from time to time. Just be safe  ;) )

Anyway to end this long ass post let me tell you the differences between the US and Japanes figure releases.

Japan Ver.
1) Comes with a large stone-like display.

Special Japanese Ver.
1) Guts is Bloody
2) Comes with a dead apostle
3) Comes with a statue of a Goddess
(Art of War online Exclusive)

USA Ver.
1) Comes with black display disk
(Doesn't seem like much but the disk is more useful when it comes to posing than the japanese one)

2) USA will not get any bloody ones.   :( >:(
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