Chapter 166

The Jumping Fish


P 02

I: Ahh, those stupid people. They’re acting no differently than those pagans!

P: What are we gonna do? We can’t throw stones this time.

J: I can’t believe we’re still alive.


P 03

J: Hey cant you walk any faster, you damned Pagan…

Damn you’re slowing us down…

OK! Let’s take the first chance we get and run.

F: Are you alright?



J: /To think I’d be walking around with these two…/ (where did they come from…)

   I don’t think they’ve noticed me yet but I have to think of some reason to get out of       here.

I: Hey old man! You came at a great time

J: Haha! What’s that kid doing here..?

I: Whaa? I can’t hear you! Just come over and give me a hand!

J: I’m going to go check it out! Captain, you stay behind!! /fuckin brat/

S: Is it alright?



Crowd: Burn… Burn! Quickly…! Burn her!



C: uu.. AA!

M: Hurry! The fire! Let the fire cleanse this place!

F: ! Lord Mozgus!



Narration: All of this…

N: Hey are you serious!?

P: Target locked.

I: I-I-I-I just have to let myself fall!

   I’m used to these situations!!

P: Bullet Ishidori launched!



Narration: Is just a small part…



J: Now’s the time girl!



Narration: It doesn’t have to be the same.



M: ABSOLUTELY NOT! It can’t be!!!

N: He’s coming !!



I: Duck!

M: You… I won’t let you go.



Narration: I couldn’t believe… You’re not…



Narration: The shadow reflected on the water.