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Chapter 181


Page 2


Rickert (thinking):

-          He intercepted the blow of Gatts’ long sword !?

-          Who on earth is this man... (in fact he says “what on earth”)


Page 3



-          I admire you. You broke my prophecy and survived!!

-          I am really happy, boy!!!


Page 7


Rickert (thinking):

-          What’s going on ....

-          This is too fantastic for me to understand.

-          Incredible!!! (wow, fantastic, amazing something like this)


Page 8



-          Splendid!! You made it here with this human body!

-          After  that bloodshed, I wished to fight you this way once more (e.g. with this body, this form Zodd is now)



-          What’s going on here?

-          Why you and Griffith...

-          Get out of there!!

-          I have business with Griffith!


Page 9



-          Your words are impolite! (that is exactly what he says in Japanese)

-          Attack!! (in fact he says something like “force your way through”)


Page 10



-          He knocked down my attack (this is a bit awkward, but in Japanese it is only one noun meaning “shoot down”)


Gatts (thinking):

-          He escaped from my attack!?

-          The speed of these reflexes is not human!!


Page 11



-          What a powerful sword!

-          As I thought, this man is a terrible monster!

-          If it wasn’t for my sword I would be cut to pieces!

-          If I switch over to defense I’ll be smashed in no time!!!


Page 13



-          If I blink just once, I’ll certainly have my face divided in two!

-          My bones creak together with our swords when they strike!

-          The pressure of this sword is not the kind of pressure I can stand!

-          This is exactly like that time.

-          But ... now I can fight him.


(looking at Griffith)


-          What I am today is a result of the uncountable nights it took me to reach him.


Page 14


Gatts (yelling at Zodd):

-          Out of my way !!! (in fact, the word used in Japanese means “obstruction”)


Page 15


Rickert (thinking):

-          It’s incredible! I have never seen such a fight even in a battle field!!

-          Gatts became much stronger that I could even imagine!

-          It’s fantastic how skillfully he uses that sword!

-          But that anger...

-          Could it be that Gatts’ tenacity is been aimed at Griffith!? Why ?

-          My...


Page 16


Gatts (thinking):

-          So, you suddenly decided to force your way thru.


Rickert (thinking):

-          That is not good! He prevented Gatts from using both hands!


Page 18


Rickert (thinking):

-          Wha.. what a fight!

-          That man is also amazing. He started using two blades as soon as his sword got damaged, while parrying and attacking...!

-          At the moment Gatts was cornered, he(Gatts) used the sword that was buried in the snow in an incredible way!!

-          The line between life and death....

-          I can’t believe that Gatts went beyond this line.


Page 19


sound: (a heartbeat)


Griffith (touching his chest):

-          My heart is beating dimly.

-          My blood was supposed to be frozen.

-          Could it be the feelings of that baby that became my vessel and melted together with me?


Page 20


sound: (a heartbeat)