Millennium Falcon


Chapter 184: Kushan Invasion


Translated by Erias


(pages are numbered based on the actual Manga.)



Western Midland  
Please stop!
What ever will become of us?
Who knows.
Made into slaves and whisked off to their country.
Or get knocked up with a Kusharn child.  That's the fastest way to control another race.
This is just a rumor, but I hear the Kusharn sacrifice women to their god.
No matter what, we're done for.
This town, and this country.
If only the Band of the Falcon...
If only that man were here...
Then none of this...
Well sayin' it now don't help none.
He's coming.
Any moment.
To save us.
What ails that child?
Her parents were burned to death right in front of her and she's been a bit funny ever since.
He's coming.
The Falcon of Light is coming.  
I can hear it
The wind is whispering.
Lands, but it does take such a lot of time to ruin a city.
But General, they refused our thrice offered advice to surrender.  We cannot simply ignore that resistance.
Let us give them a sample of the medicine of fear our forces trade in.
If they would simply submit they might live acceptably long lives.
They invite this massacre upon themselves.
Our armies have now destroyed six of their forts.
And yet here you are...
And your entire family cannot capture one man.
I'm thoroughly disgusted with you, Varkilaka.  
And you call yourselves warriors?
It's absurd.
And this story of yours that the Falcon mounted on a beast and flew away...
Who on earth would believe such an outrageous lie?
I humbly submit that,
Since our mission to the church was appointed to us by an oracle, that we all must be willing to admit to the existence of matters beyond our knowledge.
You put on airs...
But look like a slave.
Do you know the role of churches in war?
They do what we officers tell them to.
Oracles and the like are merely a convenient way to light the fuse of war.
We hang on to them for the sake of the lost.
I take pity on your faith in them.
You began as slaves, but got involved with that conflict over the sultanate succession before being driven from the land by the new royalty; why have you been permitted to return?
The very fact that the sultan has chosen to grant the likes of you the slightest fragment of duty in military affairs can be only one thing...
A whim.
[These last two pages were exhaustingly difficult.  I expect there's an error or two that crept in.]
What do think you're doing!?
There are more pressing matters at hand
Oh no...
I beg your pardon.
How do they move that fast?
They just tore through steel with their bare hands!
Are they monsters?
We shall now resume our search for the Falcon.