Episode 208 : Mirror of Sins

Page 4:

Serpico (SE): He really doesn't need any magic.
Isidro (I): Human windmill!
SE: This is the time! Get to the church!
Villagers (V): Y...you see that, father?
Vs: Awesome! Unbelievably strong! That man surely can...protect our village from the trolls....!

Page 5:

Evarella (E): Whoa~ Whoa~  He’s incredible!
E: He is fighting trolls like that even without magic
E: I don't know who the real monster is!
Schierke (S): No doubt... he's beyond human.
S: Is it because he’s been in the 'interstice' so long where the spirit can influence it's physical
   surroundings, or...

Page 6:

S: The shadow around that sword....
S: You’ve finished, Evarella?
E: All set.
E: As you said, I pasted the charms on each wall.
S: Alright. 
S: Ehh, people!
S: I'll make a protective wall surrounding here with magic from now
S: You all step inside now!

Page 7:

Priest (PR): What the hell are you doing up there?
PR: You'll be damned...
PR: Mayor! Get the girl down from there!
Mayor (M): But…
V: Magic? Oh my! I saw that girls band killing trolls without even touching them!
V: Actually, they’re the bandof that swordsman!!
PR: Pshaw, enough!! Anyway, every one get inside because this is dangerous!!
P: Come...
S: Give me some time…
SE: Madam Farnese, get inside!! Protect Ms. Caska!!
PR: H..hey, you!!
P: You stick to throwing those tree fruits.
I: Nope!

Page 8:

I: Don't come!! Don't come!!
P: Yeah, go back go back.

Page 9:

V: It's true!! Real magic!! Look, they are falling without being touched! Morgan brought here
   a real sorcerer!
PR: Magic? How absurd!! I won’t let them desecrate God's house!!
V: Father!?

Page 10:

F: That priest, possibly…!
S: Yodo ... Bauhe...
PR: Stop!!
E: Hey you!! Don't disturb her because she's very busy!
PR: No! No way!!
PR: How dare you perform such evil in a house of God!!

Page 11:

PR: Get down from here this instant!!
E: What are you talking about!?
E: Who do you think Schierke is doing this for!?
PR: Pshaw!! I told you!!
F: It is you who must stop!!
F: That girl is trying to save the village!!
F: Don’t you understand!?

Page 12:

F: She can do it. She’s helped us before!!
PR: Shut up!!
PR: Even if our lives could be prolonged!!
PR: What's the use of it’s by the power of heathenism!!
PR: This is god's will!!
PR: Our village should entrust everything to the destiny God hands us!!
F: .....this man’s the same...

Page 13:

F: Just like my former self
F: Sending people to their death in the name of God....

Page 14:

F: I don't have the right to tell him anything.

Page 15:

PR:If you won’t listen then I'll compel you by force!!
E: Stop him!! Schierke is completely defenseless while casting a spell!!
F: No time to hesitate!!
F: Let her go!!
PR: Do not interfere!