Episode 209 : Magic

Page 2:

Isidro (I): Arghhhhh! Are these really ghosts?  I can smell their blood even now!
Serpico (SE): Don’t take your eyes off them, you'll be eaten.
SE They got in through the back.
I: What!?
SE: Madam Farnese!

Page 3:

Guts (G): Caska!!
G: I can handle myself here alone!!
G: You kill the one’s inside!!
G: Protect the women!!

Page 4:

SE: Okay, good luck!
I: Take up my share of the fight too!

Page 5:

Villagers (V): Hee! They come!
I: Move, idiots!! Can't get through!!

Page 8:

V: Hey! Hey! You see that?  He jumped over us...no! Flew ...?!
I : Geez, always him! Show me something good!
Puck (P): Ho! What an incredible group!
P: Isidro! Wait here for a moment.
P: Bye.
I: Why me...?

Page 9:

Priest (PR): Accept it! Don't be afraid!
Farnese (F): Ms. Caska!!

Page 11:

PR: Stupid girl...!
E: Schierke…
PR: God. Show me the way.

Page 12:

I: Fuck! That was the last one...
I: So many fucking things in here!
I: What the hell is Schierke doing? She’s all talk and no action!
I: Seems to be no choice....
P: You can't handle all these, can you?
I: You fool!! 
I: I'll show something here!!
I: See my real power, rotten worms of shit.

Page 13:

I: Low!! 
I: Sharply!!
I: This is the time!!
I: No… 
I: Can't handle my sword...!!

Page 14: 

I: No!? I can't die here...!!

Page 15: 

I: Morgan!
William Wallace (W): Morgan!!
W: Hey!!
W: Are you going to depend on a kid and an old man?
V: Got it. Oh! Shit!
I: Morgan!! Hey!!

Page 16: 

S:  From the air… sky, earth, sea, fire 
I call upon the Four Translucent Kings

Appear King of the East
Make fire which protects and keeps us warm in this barrier
Your spirit is like a breeze over the mountain and your golden clothes shines like the sun

Page 17: 

Appear King of the West
Just the sound of your great name makes the spirits of water playing under the waves shudder

Page 18: 

Appear King of the South
Your dignity shines brighter than eternal flame

Appear King of the North
The creatures of earth rejoice under your rule with all their heart

Page 19: 

All adversity, keep away from us
Wherever I am, there will always be the protection of those Four Holy Kings

Ve Gebra, Markto, Athe, Ve Getura

Page 20: 

S: Le Oram
SE: Ms. Farnese!