Episode 210 : True Prayer

Page 3
Townspeople: "That light?! The damned trolls are dying!"
Puck: "The wound is closing!"
Isidro: "This is damned good" 
Puck: "For some reason, it's making me power up!" *

Page 4
Isidro: "This... is Her magic?!"

Page 5
Priest: "Wh- What is this?! What's going on?"
Schierke: "You barely got here in time.
Priest: "What!? You did all this!?
Schierke: "I already told you. I've made a protective wall surrounding this temple using magic. As long as I focus
          on this barrier, it will stay. Those spiritual things attacking us will be destroyed by it."

Page 6
Priest: "M-Magic? Absurd! I won't believe in... such sacrilege!"*
Schierke: "The light of these four colors is the spiritual power of the great existence which has protected and
          blessed us from the distant astral world... coming to the real world."

Page 7
Schierke: Those great existences are the four guardian angels written in your Holy See's Record." "No matter how
          different our spells are, I think our mind longing for salvation is the same."*

Page 8

Farnese: "But why?"

Schierke: "There's no power to bring a miracle like my spell in your prayers.
A temple is a sanctuary where man meets angels or spirits.
Witches build a sanctuary in their mind."

Farnese: "In ... their mind."

Schierke: "Spirits that exist in the astral world have no bodies."
"We can contact the things which exist only in mind itself only with our mind."

(Pages 9-10 Pending Translation....)

Page 11
Guts: "I dont think they can come near the light. Amazing girl." *

Page 12
Guts: "What?"

Page 14
Guts: "The hell is this..!?"
Townspeople: "What is that?!"
Puck: "A monster!?"

Page 15
Priest: "That monster...!?"
Schierke: "Ogre!"
Casca: "Ooogre?" * (Yes, it looks like she actually SAYS something)
Isidro: "O-"
Puck: "-g" 
Guts: "Ogre..."

Schierke: "Why did something like this come to the real world...!?"

Page 17
Isidro: "Wooow!"
priest: "ooo..."
Schierke: "It's all right. An ogre can't get through this barrier. But..."

Page 18
Schierke: "No!"
Guts: "What's going on?"

Page 19
Schierke: "This barrier works for spiritual things but not for physical bodies!!"
Guts: "...What?"