Episode 211 : Evil Horde (1)

Page 3: 

Isidro (I): Itís all over. Such a monsterÖ..
Schierke (S): I need time to cast another spell!

Page 5:

Guts (G): Understood, Captain.

Page 6:

Evarella (E): What the hell is he doing!
Townsfolk: No matter how strong he is, heís going to be crushed.
Puck (P): I don't think so. He's used to these sort of things.

Page 7:

Schierke: NO!!

Page 11:

Townsfolk: Incredible! He chopped off itís arm! Who is that strong man!?
Isidro: AmazingÖ
Puck: I told you.

Page 12:

Serpico (SE): I knew he was strong, but not like this.
S: Incredible.
S: Without magic, only his own physical strengthÖ.
S: How can a man like this existÖ!?
E: Since you've done this well, finish them all off.

Page 13:

G: He's as tough as he looks.
G: Not like the little ones.
G: Now, before his arm reconnects.

Page 14:

G: Water!?

Page 15:

S: That! 
S: A Kelpie!
SE: Is it the Kelpie who drowns travelers?
S: Why is the Kelpie appearing with an Ogre around?
E: Looks like a damn horse!
S: Rain!!! No!!
E: Why the hell?

Page 16:

G: More monsters keep showing up.
G: I guess the charms arenít working this time.
G: What the hell is that?
S: The Kelpie is a sea monster who has middle-leveled spirit
S: He has control over smaller elementals of the same kind who don't have an ego.
E: But it looks so boring.
S: A Kelpie in the rain is extremely dangerous
G: Gee, busy as hell.

Page 17:

G: Hey!
G: Arenít you of the same kind?
S: They just follow their desire.
S: It just wants to eat the spiritual body of living beings.
S: I didn't expect a Kelpie as well as an Ogre.
SE: I'm going.
F: Serpico, itís dangerous!
S: No way, itís beyond your power.
S: You can fight trolls, but....

Page 18:

SE: Itís no big deal.
SE: I'll just give you a chance to cast a spellÖ
S: ButÖ
E: You'll die!
SE: Madam Farnese
SE: Take a good care of Ms. Caska.

Page 19:
Priest (P): Fly?
E: Nice job.
S: How adept heís gotten in such a short time.
S: I canít believe it.

Page 20:

SE: Ms. Farnese
SE: I canít set you freeÖ
SE: ÖAll I can do is just stay with you. 
SE: No, actually I'd never try it. 
SE: I have been veiled in darkness at the side of another spirit shut down , which is like a half of my body.
SE: But.... it seems to have ended... 

Page 21:

SE: Because you've found the wind.
SE: Wind which can sweep over what' you've wanted.
G: Careful. Itís different from the usual
SE: So.. I... at least
SE: In order not to make my half body torn off in the storm
SE: What the hell is "the usual"?
SE: Geez.
SE: Spirit of Wind.
SE: Give me the power.