Episode 215 : Qliphoth

p 1)

V: Thanks. Thank you lady witch!!
V: The great witch of the forest of the spirit tree!! The savior of Inokku village!!

p 2)

Girl : How did you do those things, like surrounding the temple with the light and the flooding...
S: Ah, well...
S: I borrowed the power of angels or spirits
S: The ones who really saved this village are the 4 angels, written in your scriptures, which have been guarding
   East West South North.
S: and the one who had been worshipped on this earth before the temple was built...
The spirit of the river, the underwater countess.
Girl: Underwater...? I don't know about that...
As for angels, I pray to them everyday though.
Old man: Now that I think about it, I've heard about that from my great grand father.
(He said to me) Many years ago, there was a temple where people worshipped gods on this hill.

p 3)

S: The spirit was harsh because she, who was forgotten for such a long time, was called all of a sudden.
That's why the flood damage came here...
It was all my fault.
E:They are old houses anyhow.(** Don't mind it at all.it's nothing)
V: Don't worry. It's easy to build houses again.
Thanks to you, we're still alive.
S: There's something more.
The fury in my mind toward the villagers made that possible.
S: Father, if you don't mind, would you make a small temple so the spirit of the river can be served?
PR: ... Agreed. God also taught us generosity. 

p 4)

Woman 1: but I'm so surprised. Such a little girl like you made miracles.
Can anyone use magic?
Woman 2: What, you want to be a witch or something?
Woman 1: Oh, sure. I'll skin Trolls with it.
S: You have to train with magic for a long time. But there are also things you can do if you wish angels or spirits
   to realize what you want.
   I bet The Priest knows about this.
PR: Drawing a picture of an angel in the mind....  ...hmm

p 5)

M: What are you doing, kid?
I: Leave me alone.
I: Are you all right? Can you walk?
M: AAh, I'm much better thanks to the little thing.
I: Anyway, I'd like to say thank you.

p 6)

M: Thank me? You're the hero who saved the village.
I: Stop that! I couldn't do anything.
  .... did nothing. I did nothig.
I'm just a kid acting ridiculous and violent.
M: Sure, Sure. I have something to give you.
I: This?
M: A long time ago, my father gambled this away from a sailor.

p 7)

M: I bet even a small boy like you can handle that easily.
I: Are you OK?
M: Sure. It's been left alone in the ceiling.
M: This is the old man's present for the young man who has only now begun.
M: Now, I remember why I got lost in the forest.
M: I ran away from this village, my family business and my sick mother in bed. From all the things pressing me
   so hard..
M: I ran away.

p 8 )

M: Dreams are so strange. It is taken as either a brave challenge or a sweet escape.
M: If I hadn't met her then, what would I be like now?
M: Which one is your dream? (** a brave challenge or a sweet escape)
I: Another old story trying to wake up the young man? This is why I hate old men.
I: See? I have an ambition. I'm totally different from such that sweet old story you've been talking about.

p 9)

I: I'll prove I'm the real thing.
I: Well, thank you for this. 
G: What's wrong?
P: It's not lethal though.
E: He shouldn't move now.

p 10)

S: The magic surrounding this temple still works. You'll get better overnight.
S: ....But we have no time for that...
SE: Go now please. As fast as possible.
SE: Rescue Madam Farnese.(**or take care of Farnese. It's a common usage when we entrust something to somebody.)

p 11)

G: I'll be back soon.

p 12)

G: Hey, don't stay dumb or I'll leave without you.
I: Are you sure this is the right direction?
S: Yes, because I'm tracing the leftover spirit from the trolls.
I: Leftover..?
I: Hey, why'd you turn down the help of the villagers ?
I: They said women and children in the village had been taken by trolls.
S: They'd just be trouble.
I: AA but...
E: Try to be nice, you two.

p 13)

S: Besides, the remaining trolls might attack the village again.
I can't make the already small number of the villagers even smaller.
P: It would be good if I borrowed the wind sword from Pickoring(**nickname of Serpico that Puck calls). Then I could
   be Hurricane Puck...
S: That's also impossible. Once magical property gets its owner, it rarely lends its power to others. Besides,
   Mr. Serpico already developed an affinity with the spirits.
P: I'm the leader of the wind!!
G: Hey, how are they now? Your telepathy is...
S: It's not...
S: I tried calling them afterward but it seemed like they couldnt come to themselves.
S: But don't worry. I didn't sense any kind of shaking of od which might damage them.
S: As long as they wear that silver armor, the trolls can't touch them directly.

p 14)

I: By the way...
I: Don't you think the atmosphere here has changed into something creepy?
I: I sort of feel the exact opposite of the feeling when we got in the witch's house....
P: Now that you mention it...
S: Stop.

p 15)

I: ...Hum? Face?
S: Let me do it.
E: So mean.
Chimomoryo: Mi, Mi~

p 16)

I: W, what the hell is that face... face?!
E: Chimimoryo.
I: Face Man.
S: As I expected, I was afraid of this...
E: Yeah? Looks pretty interesting though.
I: You were afraid of this ?
S: This is the astral world, which is very dangerous.
S: The field of the darkness in the astral world, Qliphoth.

p 17)

G: Qliphoth...
S: The astral world is made up of several layers, each has their own atmosphere.
S: Dead bodies are likely to flock together with those which have the same od.
And the Warm-hearted bodies are with the other warm-hearted...
S:This is the sheer opposite of that.
The dark world where the tainted dark flock together, is Qliphoth.

p 18)

S: Normally, this would never happen.
The astral and the real world... blended so completely like this...
S: Trolls, Ogre, elves and kelpie...
The creatures in the spiritual world are taking form as if they had actually had a physical body...
S: They are originally in the world within our mind...
They are the ones who reside in our dreams at night or our imagination.
If they exist in the real world.... 
I: Then what will happen?
I can make money from their circus.
S: I don't know but...

p 19)

S: The world will totally change. Or it has already begun, 
S: With the appearance of someone...