BERSERK: Episode 217 - Retribution
Translated by Puella

p 2)

Guts: What's wrong!?
Schierke: The Trolls found them and they ran away!! Hurry!!

p 3)

Schierke: The Od of trolls are concentrated along this path
This way. Three trolls on the left!!
It's all right. They don't care about us.
I'll distract them.

p 4)

Guts :Casca.
Puck: Amazing. How'd she manage that?
Schierke: To control od is also a kind of magic.
Any sorcerer can do it.
Puck: It's a good thing. You could learn many things as a thief.(** Puck's sarcasm as always)

p 6)

Farnese: ...I'm panicking...
I just want to crouch and hide.
No!! Stay behind me!!

p 7)

Farnese: The warmth I can feel behind me doesn't allow me to falter.
This thing was entrusted to me. I, who can't do anything, for the first time in my life... and it's even weaker than me.
These pupils which don't know anything don't allow me to feel helplessness.

p 8 )

Farnese: This is... retribution or....
That's..!! A Human farm tool! It can't be...!!
The silver mail isn't working...?

p 10)

Guts: I kept you waiting.

p 11)

Farnese: Guts!!

p 12)

Guts : You all right?
Farnese: Yes... Yes!!

p 13)

Guts: It's too early for you to rest.
Farnese: Sorry...
Wh..what about Serpico? Where is he?
Guts: He can't move because of his injury.
Farnese: What?
Guts: It's not that serious.
I promised him I'd bring you back.
Schierke: People of Inoku village!! We've come here to rescue you!

p 14)

Schierke: You can escape from here soon. Follow us!
women: Escape... they save us?
??: Wait! There are children...
Isidro: Quick!! There are still so many trolls? There are even more than the group who attacked the village.
Schierke: It can't be.... Still so many....
Guts: I'll block the path. You go ahead.
Schierke: No... even you can't do this!! You alone can't (take care of) so many trolls... and without the help of magic...!!
Eva: You might really die.

p 15)

Guts: I can handle it.
Schierke: *W...what!! His overwhelming attitude, I can't even respond to...*
Can't you see it's reckless considering the situation!?
Guts: Take care of Casca.
Farnese: Yes.
Guts: Farnese.

p 16)

Guts: I owe you alot.
Thank you.
Farnese: No, don't...
Schierke: Let's go.
Looks like we have to follow his lead after all...

p 17)

Guts: Isidro.
Set fire to the fuse and throw it to the enemies after counting to three. Then it will explode.
Puck: These are, Big Bang bullets...
Guts: You cover the backline. Protect the women well.
Isidro: B..but...I.
Guts: Go, now!! We don't have time to argue.
When you have a weapon, even a kid can be good soldier in the battlefield.
I charge you because I think you've got the ability to do the job.
Show me that you can.

p 18 )

Isidro: OK!! I'll do it!! I'll do it so amazingly awesome!! Just for you, you cocky bastard! Don't you fucking die on me!
Guts: Now, let's get it on.