BERSERK: Episode 218 - Salvation
Translation by Puella

p 5)

Guts: They're coming up like endless cockroaches.
It's been a long time since that battle.
Can I win in a hundred-man battle again? This is different, it's hundred-monsters now...

p 6)

Guts: You Hungry?! Come on.  I'll turn half of you into gushing slabs of meat!
Schierke: Everybody hurry!! 

p 8 )

Puck: Good job!! That's definitely a weapon made for you!
Evarella: Congratulations.....
Of course, he gets cocky so easily...
Isidro: What are you doing? You're our guide, you're not supposed to get so distracted!
Evarella: Eh... there's something wrong with her.
Isidro: "I charge you because I think you've got the ability to do the job."

p 9)

Isidro: This is the only thing I can do for now... 
This is everything I've got.
Puck: Dropy! Look ahead!
Isidro: Now I'll show you all what I REALLY have!
Puck: First, I think should serve Dropy well.
Farnese: Careful!

p 10)

Farnese: Get up.
Isidro: What's wrong?!
Farnese: It's nothing.
Let's go.
... This is... Retribution

p 11)

Farnese: Back then, I didn't lose conciousness because Ms. Casca was with me.  
The thing even weaker than myself supported me. This is salvation...? This responsibility which has just been trouble for me is now saving me? p 16) Guts: It's been a while, this feeling. Without having to worry about protecting someone, bound to nothing,
I'm just weilding my sword and unleashing everything I have. p 17) Schierke: Stop! Isidro: What's wrong!? Schierke: We've been surrounded. Thirteen in the front, seven in the back. Isidro: How about distracting them like we did before? Schierke: They are too many. We don't have time to hesitate here. We need to go directly right through them. I'll cover the front and Isidro, you cover the back. Isidro: Seven trolls at a time... All right. I'll do it. Puck: It's time to do or die!
Schierke: I don't have a chance to cast a large spell. Evarella: Kill all of them!! Schierke: They've come. p 18 ) Schierke: What...!? Something is fiercely...!! p 19) Evarella: What the hell is that!! Isidro: Ack !! What, what the hell is that...!? Puck: That is... p 21) Guts: Now, it seems like the time to get out of here. What is the thing which appears up in the pool of the blood of the trolls...!?