Episode 219: The Border of Hell

Translation by Puella:

Page 1

Guts: ...this feeling!!

Page 2

Guts' beherit...!

Page 4

Schierke: People, weíve got bit more to go.  Guts-san, all of us got to this entrance safely. Please hurry.

Farnese: Casca-san?

Schierke: That is...?

Farnese: This is..

Isidro: What the hell?

Page 5

Schierke: What is that!?

Everella: Schierke?

Schierke: Ah... something...!?  Guts-san!?

Page 6

Schierke: Something is.... Guts-san...!?

Page 11

Slan: Itís been such a long time since Iíve inhabited a body....
These disgusting intestines of trolls are the worst body for me.

Page 14

Slan: Iíve wanted to meet you, boy. Itís been a long time.
No, I've always felt you.
In the cave, in the tower, through countless nights Iíve felt your struggle.
And I knew you'd come to qliphoth because the way was left open....
Now, let me feel more... your rage... your pain...
Unleash them all.

Page 15

Isidro: Hey, are you all right? You seem to have something wrong with you.

Schierke: I'm alright.

Isidro: There's something wrong with Casca.

Puck: I'm shivering. I feel something very dangerous.

Schierke: This violent emotionÖ itís as if Guts mind is going berserk...!!
That flow of strange odo (it's kanji. can't remember good word for this. it means something like a spirit or atmosphere)
and the shadow which jumped over us...
What the hell is in there ...

Isidro: If we keep lingering here, we'll be surrounded by trolls since Guts hasnít returned yet!

Schierke: There's no other way..

Page 16

Schierke: I'll cast a spell to seal the entrance of the cave.

Isidro: Hey, wait a minute! Guts is still in there...

Schierke: I know it!  But like you said, I can feel trolls coming here. We donít have time.
Besides, unless I seal the entrance now, trolls will surely attack Inoku village again or even other surrounding villages.
I think my telepathy has reached Guts-san. We have to believe he'll get here before I cast the spell.

Isidro: What the hell is Guts doing now!?

Page 17

Slan: Ahhh, yes this is what I want.

Page 18

Slan: Your spirit fits into the Qliphoth so perfectly. That hatred, that pain...

Page 19

Slan: And fear...

Page 20

Slan: Now, defy struggler!
Pierce me with that big fat thing. Is it possible?
For you, a human? Otherwise....

Page 21

Slan: You want to sacrifice, like him?
... Oh, my. I was careless.

Page 22

Where there is Godhand, there surely comes the Skullknight!

Episode 219 End